Watching Sesame Street….and doing laundry so far. Hopefully will hit the grocery store soon. There are tons of books that I want to read but I soooo need to finish my stack of books I have. Must resist going to the book store to get more books..maybe I should hit up the library instead for a bit after I finish my stack of books? Other than books I so need to play catch up on my scrapbooking which is scary. So many things to do and little time to do it!

I want to read this:

As I mentioned before a classmate of mine wants me to make her bracelet so I’m working on that, after two tries, I need to make the string longer to get it accomplished! Grrr. It’s also a way to learn too! Hopefully Thursday night or Saturday I can go to a bead learning class – have to see what hubby’s schedule is like for work. Wheee. Someone mentioned of selling my bead work online somewhere..perhaps Etsy store?

Yesterday was a busy day – recap of Tuesday:
Went to mommy group – Kiddo played by himself here and there
Did two errands yesterday after mommy group
Had eggrolls for lunch! (yummy)
Played more at home with the kiddo
Kiddo napped for a short bit
Then had to wake him up
Hubby cooked dinner
Played with the boy more, watched Dancing with the Stars
Hubby went to Mac User group last night
Put kiddo to bed, took shower, then went to bed

More to come soon….


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