His Dark Embrace Review by Amanda Ashley

Disclaimer: I bought this book to read to give it an honest opinion!

His Dark Embrace
Author: Amanda Ashley
Published: June 1, 2012
Publisher: Zebra
Pages: 338

Tall, dark, mysterious—and with a faint scar on his cheek that only makes him more gorgeous—Kaiden Thorne is one schoolgirl obsession Skylynn never forgot. Now, returning to her childhood home after eight years, she can’t believe her reclusive neighbor is still living across the street—and hotter than ever. Skylynn doesn’t know how Kaiden manages to stay so young, virile, and impossibly attractive. But she knows she wants him…even if he harbors a fearful secret he refuses to tell her.

When Kaiden sees the beautiful young woman Skylynn has become, he can no longer control the bloodlust that is his true nature. Once he pulls Skylynn into his arms, presses his lips against hers—and accidentally draws blood—he longs for more. Only she possesses what he wants and what he needs. Only she can save him or destroy him. But once Skylynn agrees to help Kaiden battle his darkest desires, there is no turning back.

My Review:
Occasionally I read Amanda Ashely’s books as I haven’t read her books in a long time. Some are good and some are so so. Yes I occasionally like the vampire romance type of genre.

As the overview is mentioned up above, I liked both characters: Kaiden and Skylynn. Of course Skylynn always had a crush on Kaiden when she was growing up. Kaiden seemed to developed a crush for Skylynn when he sees her as a woman. Somehow Skylynn learns of what Kaiden is as the two get close together. At first she was in shock and thought how was it even possible that vampires exist? She did not know what to do but slowly decided to hear Kaiden out. Once Kaiden explained himself to her, things to be calm.

Skylynn brother returns home with amnesia and Kaiden’s enemy arrives. Drama peaks up and both Skylynn and Kaiden go on an adventure together. The adventure seemed a bit short paced somehow. Of course there are turns and twists in this story which I did not even see coming. It was a refreshing change of pace for myself to read.

So will Kaiden and Skylynn be together or will one of them bite the dust? Pick up the book today and find out.

I do have to mention the cover is stunning. I like the gold and black together with Kaiden’s appearance on it.

Good Reads Author Page

Cover Rating: B Story Rating: B


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