Witchy Witchy Review

Disclaimer: I bought this ebook to read to give it an honest opinion!

Witchy, Witch (Spellbound Trilogy #1)

Author: Penelope King
Pages: 304
Format: Ebook
Published: July 19, 2011

When Calista McCoy moves from the slums of the Louisiana Bayou to an illustrious beach community in California, she knows her life is going to take a drastic turn. But once she arrives at the beautiful mansion by the sea, dark secrets are revealed…secrets that become even more complicated when she meets the gorgeous neighbor boy, Nicholas, and she feels an unexplainable–and undeniable–attraction. He’s everything she’s ever dreamed of. Literally.

Her new life seems almost too good to be true. But as everyone knows, when something seems too good to be true, it usually is.

…And in Calista’s case, it could be deadly.

My Take
I found this lovely gem online and downloaded the book as it was free. The cover caught my eye at first and then the storyline. I knew I had to have it, so into my collection it went. At first I did not read it right away due to other books in my pile.

Once I got into the story, I could not stop reading it! The pages filled with spectacular writing leaving your imagination in a world of adventure with Calista. I loved how the story took the main character to new places and things! She moves from Louisiana to California which is new. She ends up living in a new place which she never imagined in a place like this. She even goes through a few changes and makes friends which she has never had before.

When Nicholas comes into the picture, it was mysterious and interesting. It made me wonder how much of a part this character would play. How would Nicholas and Calista connect? Are they meant to be? You’ll love the aspect of these two. I know I did!

Ana who is another character in the book takes Calista and her father in as it made me wonder what was she? Was she like Calista? Did she have her own agenda? At first I thought Ana was a proper type of character but as I got more into the book, Ana seems a rather nice and very informative lady who takes Calista under her wing.

Friends, everyone dreams of making friends! I was glad that Calista got to have a few friends to talk to. It’s all new to her as she eventually feels comfortable in time with them. Making friends is never easy but once you have a common interest the rest just flows naturally.

This story allowed Calista to learn many, many secrets and information which I thought was told perfectly! As the information and secrets are spilled, the romance in this book is short but toe curling! Other than secrets and romance, there’s action and danger gently sprouting out through the pages that leaves you wanting more. So go read this book today.

Rating: A
Cover Rating: A

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