Long time coming…

So I decided to to mix the blog up with thoughts other than just books. I figured it was time to do this. I used to blog tons back in the day on live journal but that was when I was single and in college. Times have changed.

So the topic I”m hitting up is Toys! What was your favorite toy when you were a kid?

My response to this question would have been my Care Bear and two Barbies I had. (Yes I still have them safely tucked away and no you can’t have them!) I would play with them for hours. Imagination would kick in. Of course I had two brothers, so Legos were introduced! I would set up shops for my brothers to find certain parts they could use. Now this was back in the 1980s, they didn’t have pink Legos as they do now! (Which is so cool!) We did have Ninetendo but that was more my brothers type of thing. Every time I played Super Mario Brother’s, I died. I kept dying. I could never get past a certain level and I never knew of the secret shortcuts until much later.

Atari still rocks! I used to love to play the game Frogger, Pac-Man Q-Bert and Space Invaders.

Some other things that I used quite a bit was playing outside (shooting hoops, catch, hide/seek, games) and my bike.

Now this day and age, since I’m a mom to two boys. I can handle the jig of playing with boy toys. Cars, superheroes, bikes, catch, Lego superheroes and so on. Toys have evolved but what I noticed when we first start off with toys is that the classic ones seem to work the best. Blocks! Little People! Playing house (dishes/fake fruits & vegetables)! Those spark imagination and play in children. I did play with those items listed up above when I was a little child.

Little People

And one funny thing I’ve noticed, a kid could have many toys to play with but then ends up playing with your red spatula instead. Of all the things to play with! You can see the imagination coming alive. For instance, about a day ago, I was going to recycle of a box that held lunch baggies. My child #2 ask me to save it. I asked why. Child #2 said that it wanted it for the dog. The box got turned into a dog house. Imagination!

So take a moment to think about how toys played a part in your lives. If you do have children, think about how they play with their toys. I still use my imagination when I’m on the floor building with Legos, using superheroes figures, storytelling, building forts or even making car ramps out of cardboard boxes! Toys rule.


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