I admit the first time I had a taste of coffee was when I was little child, about maybe 6. Not sure the exact age I was but I was a child. I was at my grandmother’s house in Ohio as my mother was in the kitchen as I had a taste. It was weak. (I learned about this much later in life.) My first thought was that it was bitter and I did not like it. So that was the end of that.

My mom would always have a weak coffee as my dad had a strong coffee. I remember days where my dad would head out to get a strong coffee because he probably did not like how my mom made coffee. The smell of coffee was always around and I did not mind that at all. High school and college, coffee was not even touched.

As I grew up into an adult and then a mother, coffee slowly came into my life in my late 30s. I tried plain coffee as it did not go well. I tried my ex’s coffee as it really didn’t catch on. I kept trying a few here and there. Then I found out I like Starbucks Caramel Lattes (hot). I treat myself with those once in a while. Then I thought about ground coffee? So I was on a search. I found out that I liked Starbucks Mocha Ground Coffee and Papa Nicholas French Caramel Crème.

Starbucks Ground Mocha Coffee.

So then it was onto the Keurig! Well my mother had a small one so she gave it to me as she received a bigger one for a Christmas gift. I tend to lean towards the French Caramel Crème with some milk and sugar in it but lately taking the sugar out so it’d be healthier for me. No I don’t drink coffee every day. I have my days of wanting it and not.

Did you know coffee can be good for you too? I found an article at the Huffington Post which gave some helpful hints related to coffee. Check it out:

What kind of coffee do you drink?


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