What is the one thing that comes to mind when you think of libraries?

Books? A place to study? Technology? Events? Community? A place to get information?

I believe all of those thoughts up above make a library. I remember going to the library for the first time and seeing all those books and magazines. I thought it was a magical place. I remember a huge fish tank being in the Children’s Department as I was fascinated by it. I would come up with stories of the fish living in there. Sadly never wrote about it. I checked out the series of American Girl, Nancy Drew Mysteries, R.L. Stine books, Anne of Green Gables, some of Beverly Clearly books, and the list went on.

I also remember checking out teen magazines and some videos for researching purposes during my years at school. Records were there along with cassettes and then eventually cds! I did check out a few of those.

What? You listen to music? How can you? You’re Deaf?

Yes I can and will until the day I die. I’ll explain that in another post.

I always love going to the library. Books are filled with adventures! I remember the card catalog as now today it’s all done through a computer which is quicker in a way. Information gets to you quicker now and you should learn more.

Anyone remember microfilm? Yes some places still have it. I know Minnesota Historical Society has it which is an amazing thing. I love learning about family history. It showed us where people came from and what they went through. Other than family researching, you can find out history as well! I remember doing a project related to the 1950s and I hit up resources from newspapers, videos and books. I had to work at it. Today you’d probably hit the internet but I bet you have to site your resources. It’s important!

What do you like best about libraries? Do you like changes your library has made? Do you think it’s gotten better or worse? Take a moment to think about it.

For me, I love information being shared! Ideas and creativity from the library is just waiting to be learned and explored to everyone and especially to children. Children are our future. Expose them to story time! Read to them. Inform them. Let your imagination go. The one library that I take my children to has Lego Club where children can come in and build their own Lego creation and then it’s displayed in a case. I love this idea! I wish all libraries can do this. Libraries should help out other libraries.

Have authors come in to talk and promote their book. Have musicians come in and sing. Have speakers come in and talk of various subjects. Have technology updates for everyone to learn. Go for it! Libraries need to continue to strive for the sake of the future. Books and technology both need to stay together.

Before I end this, I want to say I do want to visit Trinity College Dublin Library. I have seen photographs of it and yet I want to experience it for myself. It reminds me of the movie and tv show: The Librarians.

What’s your take on libraries?


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