Be Your Own Person

I thought of “Be your own person” today…’s almost midnight here and I figured to sneak in one more post in. Anyways……

Today Mr. Jonathan Silver Scott from Property Brothers posted a #MotivationalMonday “It’s much easier to follow the popular path than it is to be a man of character. Well I’ve never really cared much for crowds anyway.” (Check his twitter at @MrSilverScott and Instagram)

I could totally identify with him! Except for the part of being a man. The quote took me down through memory lane of jr hs and HS school. I was never with the popular crowds but I knew who they were and all. I was my own person in a way. Did I feel left out? A few times but that could have been being shy and dealing with my Deafness. Yes I was shy, very shy. Basically routine for school was to go to school, do the work, talked to a few people, if people had the courage to talk to me that was fine and then work my part time job I had. I attended a few football games but the thing I attended almost every Orchesis (dance group) event and Theatre event. Yes I love the arts! I have Into the Woods flashbacks right now.

Everyone had a part in school. Everyone had their own style and own thing going on. I remember my school having the certain groups that were there (think Breakfast Club) but overall I think we all got along in one point or another during school. We had to! How else were we going to get along in class or get school projects done? I did my best with everyone I came face to face with. Now that we are all older, we know better and understand more. Plus some of are parents and that is our common ground. Some of us connect again due to same interests. I”m rambling, aren’t I?

I was never for the latest fashion. I wanted to wear what I felt comfortable with and what looked good on me. I remember some girls having a certain brand of jeans or what not. I never favored that. I thought jeans were jeans. Why have a certain brand? Why spend money on that? Practical is good. To this day I’m practical with my clothes but I still want to look good without breaking the budget.

Where I am now in my life with the struggles I’ve gone through and to the ones that may find their way to me, I finally feel a bit more comfortable to who I am. So I am a woman, a mother, an artist, a dreamer (yes I will continue this forever!), a reader and a person who is deaf. I’m my own person. I’m ready to strive for the best, take life day by day and live life to the fullest! As I tell my children, tomorrow is always a better day.

So be your own person and aim for your dreams. Keep it positive. Keep it healthy.

So thank you to Mr. Jonathan Silver Scott for that quote!

And now it’s past midnight as I finished this post! Time for some sleep.

What do you think of the quote?


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