Tonight after watching JD Scott do a live chat on Facebook, got me thinking this question:  Why do I watch his live chats?

Answers that come to my mind are:
1. it’s informative
2. it’s interesting
3. makes me want to be positive and spread it
4. JD has a great voice (Yes I know I’m deaf but I can lipread him and do my best of what I can hear of his voice)
4. There’s just something about him that makes your day even better (It’s true..other people on the live chat have commented this!  Does that mean JD is a beacon of light?)
5. He’s damn cute (Yes I will admit to that but he has a lovely and an amazing girlfriend who’s adorable!)

Anyways, for those who don’t know who JD Scott is, he is the brother of Drew and Jonathan Scott of Property Brothers and Brother vs Brother.   He has done some other lovely projects as well.  He’s quite a character!  Check out him at his Facebook

Back to my question of why do I watch his chats?  All those answers came to my head and I realized that a positive vibe emits from his chats.  I think that positivity encourages me to be the same. So after the chats are over, I want to have positivity in my life. Keep it happy and keep people doing their best.  I tell my children everyday to do their best.  Everyone should!  Everyone should remember that we are only human too.

I think most of the people in my life are positive.  I need this.  Everyone should need this.   People who take the time to help you and say kind words is what you need to have in life.  I think it makes you a happy, better person and makes you work harder to what you want to achieve in life.  Sometimes that is hard to do since you have dreams you want to achieve along with reality gripping you.   I honestly believe there has to be a balance between them somehow.   It may not happen right away but small steps could be the key. (See positivity! No negativity!)

One of my goals that I have been working on is to keep positive for myself and my children. (I do have my days like everyone else does due to the lack of sunshine or something irked me the wrong way)  I have been trying to encourage positivity on twitter and Facebook as well.  I love meeting other people who are positive and have the same interests as I do so we can spread it about.

As for the negativity that that could trickle down on me, I try to ignore it or I just think it’s not worth my time to indulge in it.   For instance, back in the days when I was younger, I was on a deaf panel where there were various amazing other deaf people were talking about how they grew up being deaf and what methods of communication they used.   Well since I was one of the youngest member on the panel, I was exposed to negativity.  I felt like a deer in headlights because I did not know what to do.  My poor mother was in the audience watching this.  I have no clue what she was thinking but she gave me a look that made me feel better.  What happened was that one end of the table there was an oral person (that means they prefer the method of talking only)  and the other end was very ASL person (which means they used American Sign Language only), these two people completely bashed each other due to what another of what method of communication was being used.   From that moment on my brain was thinking “this is dumb to be fighting over this. We should all be helping each other out.  Not every deaf/Deaf person out there is going to have the same communication method.”   I did not say anything because I was a very,very shy person back in the day.   I’m not going to list all the negatives in my life because it’s not worth it but my point is we need to be positive and support each other.

I think positivity has to be something that you have to find within and having family/friends that are positive.  Take a moment to think about this and what positivity is in your life and around you.  Let’s make it a good one people!





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