Today Favorite is…

I have decided to write about what kinds of things that are my favorite. Some of these posts will be short or long!  I am going to try to do a blog post each day about those items.  So today’s post is going to be chocolate!

I have loved chocolate for a long time. I think my earliest taste of chocolate was in homemade chocolate chip cookies!  (Doesn’t that look good below?)  My mom used to make cookies for us kids all the time.  They were the best (and still is!).  Now that I am a mom, I have found a recipe is that is chocolate chip cookie bar! So good!  My kids love making these.


Mmmm cookies!

Of course my mother used to make German Chocolate Cake for my birthday but  I haven’t had it in years.


Chocolate, coconut and sweetness.

Of course there’s hot chocolate too! I love homemade hot chocolate with dark chocolate in it.  Just recently I found out Starbucks Hot Cocoa Salted Caramel which is a treat for me at times.  Since I live in the midwest, warm drinks are a must!  Sometimes I mix hot chocolate with coffee to get that extra kick!



Of course there’s a wide variety of candy out there too.  I admit when I was younger I had a variety of candy to eat and didn’t eat really healthy.  I had M&Ms, Hersey’s and Reese Peanut Butter cups, Kit Kat, Crunch, Snow Caps, Butterfinger..and the list goes on.  I think my taste has been changed because now I love dark chocolate more than milk chocolate now.  Ghirardelli dark chocolate is sooo yummy!  Especially the raspberry or the ones with salted almonds in it.  Milky Way: I like once in a while.  As for M&M’s they don’t taste the same to me as they used to.  I guess either I grew up (including my taste buds) or the company changed it?   Another candy is:  Sixlets I love because they’re also a peanut free candy!

Then there are benefits if you eat chocolate a tiny bit. Well I do have my moments on this.  Some days its small and some days it’s a tad crazy.  (We all have our stressful days!)  The diagram below..not sure if all the benefits are correct but I believe in some of it!  Since I’m a mom, chocolate helps me at times.  Perhaps in moderation is wise…..



Do you like chocolate? If so what kind do you like?  Tell me a memory about chocolate.


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