Goals…dreams..bucket list..


For some odd reason I need to write out my goals that I want to achieve or dream about.  Maybe this is a bucket list?  I have no clue honestly.  I’m just gonna write.

#1 is my awesome children…watch them grow and hope they become the best ever!!!  Explore the world for  greater good with them.

Own an antique shop (one can wish…if I win the lottery?)

Shop for antiques – I blame American Pickers for this concept and Flea Market Flip

Expand my antique camera collection

Create more Art

Create more jewelry

Write a book  (Sort of working on this one…as I am juggling life as well!)

Be a model on a book cover

Continue to learn more of photography..budget for a new camera

Continue to write poetry

Continue to learn things

Learn the guitar..anyone want to teach me?

Walk more

Dance more

Try to workout more..maybe roller skates and hula hoop!

Try to eat healthy

Try more recipes

Keep on cooking to master major skills.

See the positivity each day

Continue to be happy

Go to a ballet show

Continue to watch movies

Continue to read books

Visit Ireland
Visit Scotland
Visit England  again
Visit NYC again
Okay travel to lots of places!!!

Make more amazing friends out there that have the same interest

So what are your list or dreams or ideas you want to achieve?

Got anything in common with me?


One thought on “Goals…dreams..bucket list..

  1. Juni Desireé says:

    Definitely a few things in common. I’d love to learn guitar, go to the ballet, get a proper camera, and instead of antiques I want to own a bookstore.

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