I saw this little book at my work.  Anyone fall into this category?

I think I have had a few moments of being a Fangirl!  I’d say that would gear towards Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan fiction that I read years ago but it was not to the extreme. I never really wrote fan fiction.  I much prefer writing my own stories.

There are some  actors/actresses/writers that I totally think are cool but I know they are people!  A few moments of Fangirling for me is:  when Corey Feldman liked a tweet of mine, one of the Property Brothers answered my question, JD Scott answered my question on Facebook Live Chat, a few authors replied to me and I think Justin Hartley replied to one of my tweets two years ago.   Social media is cool and it’s nice to see  people interact with others. I know that even though they are famous, they are people.  They have feelings, they do cool stuff and they are doing the best they can too!   One must remember not to get upset if that person doesn’t answer your question or what not.  If you got a question in, great but remember let others have a chance too!

Everyone fangirls over something!

Check the information on the book below and see if you may pick it up to read.


You’d probably know a “fangirl” when you see one, but the majority stay relatively closeted due to the stigma of being obsessed with fictional characters. However, these obsessions are sometimes the fangirl’s solutions for managing stress, anxiety, and even low self-esteem. Fangirling is often branded as behavior young women should outgrow and replace with more adult concerns. Written by a proud fangirl,The Fangirl Life is a witty testament to the belief that honoring your imagination can be congruous with good mental health, and it’s a guide to teach fangirls how to put their passion to use in their own lives.

The Fangirl Life encourages you to use an obsession not as a distraction from the anxieties of life, but rather as a test lab for your own life story:

How can a character girl crush be useful instead of a waste of time?
How can writing fan fiction be a launching point for greater endeavors?
How do you avoid the myths that fictional romance perpetuates?

By showing you how to translate obsession into personal accomplishment while affirming the quirky, endearing qualities of your fangirl nature, The Fangirl Life will help you become your own ultimate fangirl.



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