Never been a fashion guru on shoes but I have to share these a few pair of shoes that I absolutely adore!

I own these Euro Soft black strappy shoes for a long time! They are so cute and can be quite comfortable to wear for a long time.   I do not remember how much I paid for them but these are awesome.  I wore them just recently to my cousin’s wedding and my one Aunt loved these heels.  She wanted them.   Aren’t they so cute?   I may have to track down the brand some more to find some cute shoes.



Now these golden heels I own.  I absolutely fell in love with these the moment I saw them. Sparkles!!  What woman cannot resist sparkles?    I believe I found these heels at Dillard’s back in the day.   I had to try them on and I walked around in them thinking “Oh my gosh I am walking in these most stunning, comfortable heels ever!”   I knew I had to have them.  I rarely spend money on shoes like these.   The price I believe was 99.00 and I have never ever bought a pair of shoes for that price.   The brand name is Gianni Bini.   These heels do make me taller and every time I wear them people talk about them.


Then there’s Anne Klein shoes!  I found these adorable Navy blue Sandal shoes.  They’re pretty casual but I love love wearing these with jeans or a dress.  Great for the summertime!  I also have a pair in silver too!   (Sorry for the wear and tear there!)



Then there’s these Clark shoes that I have.  These are so comfortable to wear.  I love the brown straps in the front and how you can just slip these on and go!


These are some of the shoes that I have.  I rarely talk about shoes but these four are pretty good in my opinion.  What are your top four shoes you love?     Perhaps I’ll do another shoe report down the road.

Til then!





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