Collecting stuff

Do you collect anything?

If so what is it?

Why do you collect?

These questions run through my mind today as I wonder why people collect.

When I was younger I collected rocks and seashells!  It was an adventure to go out and find these treasures.  The reason I collected them it’s because they were magical to me.  I still think rocks and seashells are rather unique.  To me both show you the beauty of nature.   Of course I thought I would be rich finding precious rocks and yield magical powers from them.    Everyone had magical dreams when they were a kid, didn’t you?

I did go through a phase of collecting stickers but that did not last long.  Did you collect stickers?  If you did what kind did you collect?

I admit I used to collect Cherished Teddy figures and Charming Tail figures and then I stopped.  The reason I collected them was because they were cute and unique.   Then at one point I decided I did not want them anymore. I donated them to the resale shop. I do have to admit that I kept a few that were fairytale related.

90s – The beanie baby craze.  Yes I did collect some of those and now my children play with them.  I may have to purge some of those.

I did go on a binge of collecting Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and Angel magazines, some comics and trading cards.  I still have the stash but not sure what I am going to do with them yet.   I do have the dvd set and one book about BTVS. Those two shows are amazing.  I could do a whole blog post on these two shows.  Ooh an idea for another time!  (Anything by Joss Wheadon is epic!)

After that I did not collect anything for a long time.  I would say within the last year or so, I started to collect antique cameras.  What drew me to cameras, vintage cameras is how they were made and where and who made them.  My imagination wondered of what kind of people used the cameras.  I love the look and design of vintage cameras as well.   I do have an interest in photography and modeling.

I usually tackle estate sales for my collection when I have a bit of free time.

Other thoughts that come to mind are:   I also collect moments of my children’s life with photography and some school papers or events they are in.

I love to collect and research my family history.

As you know I do read tons of books.  Do I save every single book that I read?  No.   The ones that I do keep is either autographed or due to the fact that the stories have a sweet spot in my heart!

I do admit I have one Funko Pop  which is She-Ra.  Yes I watched the cartoon back in the day but sadly it did not have closed captions.  I would love to get the dvd with subtitles or CC on it.   Trying to lipread cartoons isn’t easy at all.

Tell me what what you do you collect?

Current Song stuck in my head :  Lindsey Stirling – Shatter Me


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