Molly Cupcakes

This past Saturday a friend and I headed downtown to the city of Chicago because we could!  It was a parent free weekend and what better thing to do is to go into the city and explore the sights and sounds!

Hopped on the train and off we went!  We both had our camera with us so we ended up taking photographs here and there.

This post I will be talking about Molly Cupcakes!  My friend mentioned this to me as we walked from Navy Pier to Molly Cupcakes.  The name sounded familiar as we continued to walk.  My friend told me that she went to a wedding and remembered the cupcakes!   Somehow I kept thinking why does this name sound familiar?

Once we arrived at our destination, I saw the main window and it said that it was the winner of the Cupcake wars!  Ah ha!! That’s why the name sounded familiar to me.  I sometimes  watch Cupcake Wars.




We entered inside as it was a fun place to me.  It was also busy!  People were coming in and getting cupcakes!   Well my friend went first and got three of them!  She got the S’Mores, Raspberry/Cream and the last one was the maybe the Creme Brulee or the one with the fruit on it.  I on the other hand couldn’t resist the power of chocolate..So I ended up getting the Dark Chocolate one and the Raspberry/Cream.


We got our cupcakes and then sat down at this cute little bar area with this cool seats.  We took a bite as it was rich.  Holy cow!  Very rich.  At first we used our hands and then realized we needed forks.  The one worker there told us that there were some on the other side so I hopped off my seat and got them.  While I was there they also had free water to drink and sprinkles if you wanted them.  I decided to get some cold water for us to drink too due to the fact the cupcakes were rich.  I passed on the sprinkles because my cupcakes looked good enough!


Now that we had a fork, it was easier to eat with.  Using your hands, the cupcake kind of fell apart a bit along with it being messy!

The Raspberry Cream was interesting as it tasted.  I did eat the whole thing as it was light and rich.   Then the Dark Chocolate came next.   That was the most rich chocolate thing I have eaten!   So the winner for me: the chocolate!   Doesn’t the cupcake look amazing??  *Drools*


My friend did eat two of her cupcakes but the third one she took it home.  I wonder what how she would rate her cupcakes!  Will let you know soon!  If you do get a chance, check it out for an experinece!  The store is located in three states.   Website


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