Nutphree’s Bakery

I so have to do a post about this company.

Nuts, peanuts or peanut butter has allergies on the rise!   As a mother of a child who is allergic to peanuts, I check everything I buy because my child safety comes first.  I have no idea where or how my child go this allergy but it is severe.   Onward to the story…

One day I went to Mariano’s and I was kid free that weekend.  While browsing about, I came across the bakery section and thought to myself, “Would it be nice to get something  sweet for the kids to eat?”  Well I checked the labels and sadly majority of them say may contain nuts, peanuts and etc.   I was bummed because they all looked so yummy and delicious!   I was just about to leave as I came to the end and saw something that said “Nut Free!”  I snatched up a packaged of mini vanilla cupcakes and read the label some more as it was a company that makes bakery items in a facility that is nut/peanut free!

I was shocked in a good way.  So I bought a package and took them home.  Well they were a hit with the kids and even with me.  Rich and yummy!   I will continue to purchase these cupcakes!

Now just recently I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t Nutphree’s Bakery have a website?”  Well I did a little search online and behold the power of the internet!!   Nutphree’s Bakery  website was amazing.  It said “We are a family owned and operated bakery specializing in delicious baked goods that are 100% peanut & tree nut free.”   I decided to browse a bit more as I learned the location of the bakery and the places that they distribute to!  Wow!  That is very impressive for them to tackle all those places for their goods.  I also learned why they started this company and I applaud them.  Keep at it guys.

The menu is so yummy!  Red Velvet Cream Cheese cupcakes, Chocolate Confetti, Chocolate Vanilla, Carrot cake Cream Cheese and so on.  I spied Orange Vanilla  and Salted Carmel cupcakes online which looks and sounds so good that I want to try those!  (Maybe one weekend I can take the kids on an adventure there!)  They also do custom made cupcakes too.  Oh cookies, cakes and cake pops!  You cannot resist the power of sweets!

Check out my photos here of the cupcakes that I just recently had:



Logo of Nutphree’s Bakery


Vanilla with Chocolate Frosting


Chocolate with Vanilla Frosting


Both of them side by side


Check it out today!    You won’t regret this!  Perhaps I should blog more about certain places I go to or items I purchased along with my love for reading!  What do you think ?


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