Free Intelligent Conversation

I bet you wonder why the title says “Free Intelligent Conversation?”  Well the past Saturday my friend and I was in the city as we were walking around to get the sights and sounds of the city.   While we were were walking, I saw three people holding up a sign that said “Free Intelligent Conversation.”  I thought to myself that this had to be a project or something.  My friend and I just kept on walking.  While we kept on going, I wondered to myself, “How would these people react to someone who’s Deaf?”  “Would the communication barrier get in the way?”   I wondered about this a bit.

Just recently I decided to look up “Free Intelligent Conversation” and I came across their website.   It was fascinating to learn what this was all about.  On their website it says “Free Intelligent Conversation is a movement dedicated to creating conversation between people of different perspectives and breaking social barriers.”

Perhaps the next time I’m in the city, I’ll be sure to try to engage in a “Free Intelligent Conversation.”

Would you do this?


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