Emotional Day

Today started off with a migraine which is not a good thing to have when you have children.  Plus having cramps on the side isn’t helpful either!   Anyway, my children were pretty good about it and they were even concerned about me.  I love them for that.  They were good for the whole day.

I battled the migraine with some sleep and water and over the counter medicine.  I blame the weather here in the midwest for the migraine.  Eventually it went away and I slowly came to life and interacted more with my children.  While we were hanging out for a bit they ended up playing Minecraft as I checked my social media outlets.   Then the news struck!  Carrie Fisher died!  I just felt so bad.

I blame the time of the month for this too.  I was weepy and my children asked what was wrong and I told them as they felt bad a bit too.  I hate feeling weepy sometimes.   I always looked up to Carrie Fisher because she was Princess Leia who kicked butt!   I remember the first time I saw Star Wars was when I was back in my family home in Nebraska and my brothers and I had popcorn.  It was a big event.   I cannot remember if the film was closed caption or not (I think it was!)  The whole story caught my attention.  I thought Dark Vader was not so nice and Wookie was a tad tall.  Princess Leia was awesome as I wanted to be her.  I also remember having a nightmare of Dark Vader blowing up my teacher as a balloon.   I always remember Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia because she as kind and kicked butt.  My childhood dream was shattered hearing she passed away. She was still young but lived her life as best as she could.

I also did see her book since I work in the library and read a few pages in it while I was processing it.  Pretty damn good book about what went on in her life.  She had guts.

Anyways back to my day.  Most of my headache goes away and I had to get the children out of the house for a bit.  (To break up the day)  So we ventured out to indoor play and then the mall as I came across the Funko Pops!   I had been thinking for a while to get a Leia Funko Pop and I felt like it was the time to do it.  She is a hero of mine.  I purchased her!  My children thought it was awesome.  When I got  home, I placed her up there along with Cinderella and She-Ra.  I eventually want a few more down the road to those that I admire the most.

Life goes on.  Life isn’t easy.  There are dreams you want and sometimes it is hard to get to.  Sometimes you get part of those dreams and sometimes you never get to it.  Sometimes those dreams are forgotten and sometimes they pop back up thinking you can achieve it somehow.   Sometimes you try your best.  Sometimes you fall and feel like you are lost but somehow there’s a tiny bit of hope that tugs at your heart to keep believing.

Dinner came and showers and then bedtime. I hugged my children and did bedtime story for them as they drifted off to sleep.  I on the other hand was still weepy on and off thinking of my life and so forth.  I figured to blog this tonight to get some emotions out and then hit the sack.  Perhaps sleep will do wonders.

By the way, Twitter had tons of post about Carrie Fisher and how everyone felt about her and her career.  Majority of them were amazing!  Even some people did fantastic artwork of Carrie Fisher or Princess Leia was epic!   RIP Carrie Fisher.

(Yup it’s emotional post tonight!)

OH! I do have to plug in a book…Colleen Gleason  “Roaring Shadows” – It is awesome!  I have been a fan of hers for a long time and I always favored the Gardella series.  This one was the continuation of Macey Gardella.   Now that I finished this book, I need the next one to know what will happen next.  I love this book because of the action, vampires, (yes I have a thing for vampires) Roaring 20s, a bit of sexy and it takes place in Chicago.    The cover is awesome too!

Be sure to check Colleen Gleason out at:




Now it’s time that I try to get some sleep.  Yes the post was a bit emotional due to life and all that but I felt like I needed to write this.  Hopefully more posts of everything will pop out soon.


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