Another thought…

And so tonight: another lovely lady had pass away. Debbie Reynolds.  She was Carrie Fisher’s mom and from my understanding it sounded like she could not leave her daughter.  Perhaps it was too much for her.  Perhaps fate needed her to go with her daughter.  Who knows..but I hope they are both at peace and watching us all from above.

I remember seeing Debbie Reynolds in Singing in the Rain and thought it the most epic film ever.  Of course this was in back in the days of junior high school.  I believe our music teacher showed us certain musicals and it was amazing.  All the dance, music, lyrics and costumes that were put in place to put on these amazing movies or stories was awesome.

The world of Twitter has been outpouring of love towards Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds.  It’s heartbreaking and you can feel the love.   I hope Carrie’s daughter can get through this.  I wish the best to the entire family through this tough time.


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