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I just recently finished “The Zeppelin Deception: A Stoker & Holmes Novel”  Book 5 by Colleen Gleason.  I have been waiting to read this book and I am so glad I did.


Another adventure with Mina and Evaline.   This book had me on my seat.   The author kept me on my toes with twists and turns.  A wedding being planned, a murder going down, a ball being planned and a few other events will keep you wondering what will happen next.  While reading this story  I was trying to figure out who the villain was in the story and honestly had no clue. None!   When the villain was revealed I was very surprised.  I had no indication that it could have been that character.   When Mina, Evaline, Pix and the Constable confronts the villain was amazing and awesome.  I loved how they all worked together.   I really enjoyed this series and hope there will be more.  The ending was adorable and sweet but it was not wrapped up fully.  Adventures could happen again, who knows?

Action, drama, romance, steampunk, vampires and more…from Book 1 to Book 5.  It is a must read series.  Be sure to check Colleen Gleason out on her website and social media.


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Jeaniene Frost

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