Kristin Hannah Cover

I had to share these two covers because in person they are stunning!

Texas, 1921. La Gran Guerra ha terminado y Estados Unidos parece entrar en una nueva era de optimismo y abundancia. Pero para Elsa, considerada demasiado mayor para casarse en una época en la que el matrimonio es la única opción de una mujer, el futuro es incierto. Hasta la noche en que conoce a Rafe Martinelli y decide cambiar la dirección de su vida. Con su reputación arruinada, solo le queda una opción respetable: casarse con un hombre al que apenas conoce.

En 1934, el mundo ha cambiado. Millones de personas se han quedado sin trabajo y los granjeros luchan por conservar sus tierras. Las cosechas se pierden por la sequía, las fuentes de agua se secan y el polvo amenaza con enterrarlo todo. Cada día en la granja de los Martinelli es una desesperada batalla por la supervivencia. Y, como tantos otros, Elsa se ve obligada a tomar unaagónica decisión: luchar por la tierra que ama o marchar al oeste, a California, en busca de una vida mejor para su familia.

Texas, 1934. Millions are out of work and a drought has broken the Great Plains. Farmers are fighting to keep their land and their livelihoods as the crops are failing, the water is drying up, and dust threatens to bury them all. One of the darkest periods of the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl era, has arrived with a vengeance.

In this uncertain and dangerous time, Elsa Martinelli—like so many of her neighbors—must make an agonizing choice: fight for the land she loves or go west, to California, in search of a better life. The Four Winds is an indelible portrait of America and the American Dream, as seen through the eyes of one indomitable woman whose courage and sacrifice will come to define a generation.


Ever read a book and then you just cannot finish it?

Pretty in Ink…I am about half way and I just do not seem that into this book for some odd reason.  Maybe because I have to much going on?   I think I am going to pause on this book and then go to another one to finish.  Perhaps I’ll come back to this one.


Dating the Undead by Juliet Lyons


Dating the Undead by Juliet Lyons
Pages: 347
Published: 2017
Publisher: Sourcebooks

What it’s all about:
For mortals wanting to get up close and personal with the beautiful undead there’s V-Date the Undead Dating Service.

Silver Harris is over clingy men – maybe men altogether.  But when she shares a toe-curling kiss with a sexy Irish vampire on New Year’s Eve, she wonders if maybe it’s human men she’s done with.  Silver turns to the popular dating site V-Date, but soon she’s in over her head and her mysterious hottie is nowhere to be found..

Logan Byrane can’t get that sassy redhead out of his mind or that kiss!  When his boss assigns him to spy on V-Date members, he meets Silver again.  Turns out the police are recruiting humans to snitch on vampires through the dating site.  As the snark and sparks fly, feelings between Silver and Logan grow deep and suddenly Logan isn’t so sure he can betray her, no matter how dangerous the consequences might be.

My Take:

I was out shopping and saw this book on the shelf.  The cover caught my eye.   Who doesn’t love a dashing hottie on a cover with a red rose!??    Plus I have always been a fan of vampires, so how could I not pass this book?  So I got it.

It did take me a few days to get into the book since I have other priorities that jumped in.  When I did get into the book I could not put it down.  The witty banter and steamy flirting between the main characters sizzled.   I loved the accents that popped off the page too!  The plot was interesting and I loved Logan’s background story.

Silver comes across as a strong woman and takes charge when she wants to.

The ending was wrapped up in a bow with a happy ending.  It was rather interesting how it went down.   I liked the magic concept there which was pretty cool.  It made me wonder of Logan’s family! I wonder if the author could do a back story on that??

I would recommend this book if you are into vampires,romance, action, humor and passion!  Go get the book now.  I am excited to see the next one.  These series may be next favorite!

(I’m trying to get back into the saddle with book blogging…although I am tired since I’m also working and taking care of my children and a house!  So I think my posts will be short and straight to the point!! )

Juliet Lyons

Good Reads


Emotional Day

Today started off with a migraine which is not a good thing to have when you have children.  Plus having cramps on the side isn’t helpful either!   Anyway, my children were pretty good about it and they were even concerned about me.  I love them for that.  They were good for the whole day.

I battled the migraine with some sleep and water and over the counter medicine.  I blame the weather here in the midwest for the migraine.  Eventually it went away and I slowly came to life and interacted more with my children.  While we were hanging out for a bit they ended up playing Minecraft as I checked my social media outlets.   Then the news struck!  Carrie Fisher died!  I just felt so bad.

I blame the time of the month for this too.  I was weepy and my children asked what was wrong and I told them as they felt bad a bit too.  I hate feeling weepy sometimes.   I always looked up to Carrie Fisher because she was Princess Leia who kicked butt!   I remember the first time I saw Star Wars was when I was back in my family home in Nebraska and my brothers and I had popcorn.  It was a big event.   I cannot remember if the film was closed caption or not (I think it was!)  The whole story caught my attention.  I thought Dark Vader was not so nice and Wookie was a tad tall.  Princess Leia was awesome as I wanted to be her.  I also remember having a nightmare of Dark Vader blowing up my teacher as a balloon.   I always remember Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia because she as kind and kicked butt.  My childhood dream was shattered hearing she passed away. She was still young but lived her life as best as she could.

I also did see her book since I work in the library and read a few pages in it while I was processing it.  Pretty damn good book about what went on in her life.  She had guts.

Anyways back to my day.  Most of my headache goes away and I had to get the children out of the house for a bit.  (To break up the day)  So we ventured out to indoor play and then the mall as I came across the Funko Pops!   I had been thinking for a while to get a Leia Funko Pop and I felt like it was the time to do it.  She is a hero of mine.  I purchased her!  My children thought it was awesome.  When I got  home, I placed her up there along with Cinderella and She-Ra.  I eventually want a few more down the road to those that I admire the most.

Life goes on.  Life isn’t easy.  There are dreams you want and sometimes it is hard to get to.  Sometimes you get part of those dreams and sometimes you never get to it.  Sometimes those dreams are forgotten and sometimes they pop back up thinking you can achieve it somehow.   Sometimes you try your best.  Sometimes you fall and feel like you are lost but somehow there’s a tiny bit of hope that tugs at your heart to keep believing.

Dinner came and showers and then bedtime. I hugged my children and did bedtime story for them as they drifted off to sleep.  I on the other hand was still weepy on and off thinking of my life and so forth.  I figured to blog this tonight to get some emotions out and then hit the sack.  Perhaps sleep will do wonders.

By the way, Twitter had tons of post about Carrie Fisher and how everyone felt about her and her career.  Majority of them were amazing!  Even some people did fantastic artwork of Carrie Fisher or Princess Leia was epic!   RIP Carrie Fisher.

(Yup it’s emotional post tonight!)

OH! I do have to plug in a book…Colleen Gleason  “Roaring Shadows” – It is awesome!  I have been a fan of hers for a long time and I always favored the Gardella series.  This one was the continuation of Macey Gardella.   Now that I finished this book, I need the next one to know what will happen next.  I love this book because of the action, vampires, (yes I have a thing for vampires) Roaring 20s, a bit of sexy and it takes place in Chicago.    The cover is awesome too!

Be sure to check Colleen Gleason out at:




Now it’s time that I try to get some sleep.  Yes the post was a bit emotional due to life and all that but I felt like I needed to write this.  Hopefully more posts of everything will pop out soon.

Testing Cookbook Out

I have never been the most excellent cook but I try. I came across this book and decided to give it a shot.  With two growing boys, I needed to find something quick and easy to make along with filling everyone up.

I have tried the 5 bean soup but narrowed it down to three along with throwing in some pasta, carrots, and celery.  It turned out pretty good!   My boys thought it was about a 7/10 rating.

Another one I have tried was Chili Mac recipe which I liked a lot!  I did omit the the chilies from it because I’m not a fan of it and I used ground turkey with it.  My oldest liked it quite a bit as my youngest wasn’t too fond of tomatoes (I think I need to hide them more because he saw them).   This was a very filling dinner.

More to come soon….but if you want to check the book out.  Here it is:




Currently Reading

Currently Reading this book…so far so good!


Kim Harrison
256 Pages
Publisher: HarperCollins
April 2010

My name is Madison Avery, and I’m here to tell you that there’s more out there than you can see, hear, or touch. Because I’m there. Seeing it. Touching it. Living it.

Madison’s prom was killer—literally. Now, thanks to a mysterious amulet, she’s stuck on Earth: dead but not gone. She has no idea why the dark reaper who did her in was after her, but she’s not about to just sit around and let fate take its course. With a little skilled light-bending, the help of a light reaper (one of the good guys . . . maybe), her cute crush, and oh yeah, her guardian angel, Madison’s ready to take control of her own destiny once and for all, before it takes control of her.

Well, if she believed in that stuff.

You Had Me at Good-Bye – Book Review



You Had Me at Good-Bye
By Tracey Bateman
275 pages
Publisher: FaithWords

What is this book about:

Everything is on the line for aspiring editorial diva Dancy Ames when she’s fired by her publisher. Could this be the time to risk it all on her writing career–and maybe even love?

Dancy Ames has an enemy: Jack Quinn. The man who swoops in, steals her dream job at Lane Publishing, and fires her, saying she just doesn’t have what it takes to be an editor. Now that she’s unemployed, Dancy must find a new career. Coffee barista, English teacher, literary agent. Hmm. Maybe she’ll write a novel–a nasty invective, featuring a relentless job-stealing, coffee-drinking stalker who falls in love with a coffee barista. She’s got time on her hands, so when her friends dare her to send Jack a proposal, under an assumed name, she takes them up on it. If he likes it, she’ll have her ultimate revenge. But what will she do when it turns out that Jack is interested in her book–and maybe more?

My Take:

The cover jumped out at me!  Most of the books that I pick up, the covers usually catch my eye.  I flipped the book over and read the description of the story.  I thought “Hey this sounds like a cute read.”   I took the book home as it took me about 2-3 days to read with everything else I was doing in life. (Single mom here!!)   The story was fast pace as I liked how the family and friendship dynamics were mentioned.   Dancy is quite an interesting character to read and what journey she goes on.  Jack was a cool guy in this book and he has a secret which made me laugh.  It was a fun book to read.   One thing I will point out is that there is talk of church and God which was fine but that topic does not seem lecture you which is a good thing.   Lots of fun points in this book that was very light hearted. So take a chance to read this little gem!




Book Review: Frozen in Ice by Alyssa Rose Ivy




An undying love threatened by darkness…

James’ worst nightmare has come true. From the grave his father has poisoned the woman he loves, and James will do anything to save her.

Ainsley is stuck in a world she barely knows. She struggles to come to terms with the new life she never asked for and her intense connection with James.

When darkness threatens to destroy everything, they must face their greatest fears and the possibility their love is no match for the darkness.

My Take:

This is a series.  I have not read the first book but could pretty much get the concept of what the whole story was about in this second book.

The main characters James and Ainsley realize that are kindred and try to get used to the idea.  Well at first I thought kindred meant as in ‘Kindred: The Embrace’ as in vampire but it seems more geared towards the concept of being a mate to each other.  That is how I interpret it.   As the two get used to each other, James has a hunch his father is behind this as I figured out that his father is not a nice guy.    Ainsley is trying to get used to this kindred thing along with the world James is from.

James comes from a world that gives off a feel of the ‘Lord of the Rings’ and medieval times!  I was thrilled with this.   There are lots of interesting charters that pop up and I loved it.  Some characters are from James’ world as others are from Ainsley’s world (aka modern world that we live in today).  I sort of think of it as a realm too.  Pretty neat!!

As the story goes on, I wanted to know what was going to happen next.  Would James and Ainsley be able to survive?  What would his father do?  What about the rest of the amazing characters?  I will say this though, there is one aspect in the story that totally caught me off guard which I loved.   Now I want to know what is going to happen next.  Alyssa Rose Ivy has left me with a cliffhanger and hopefully that will soon be remedied.

So go check out this series!  You will not regret it.  By the way, the covers are stunning.  I love the one that I have.  I may have to get the first to have the complete set.   I did win the book from Alyssa Rose Ivy Facebook page which was awesome because I never ever win anything so thank you!!!

Alyssa Rose Ivy


Book Review : Unnatural Souls by Linda Foster





It’s been almost a year since the night of the accident that should have killed Grace. Nearly a year since her brother, Ash, sold his soul to save her. She survived, but that wasn’t the end of their story.

Not even close.

In the months since, Grace’s life has turned upside down. She can move objects with her mind, teleport in a blink of an eye, see dead people … and that’s just the tip of the crazy train.

And that would be fine, really … if she had any idea how to control it.

Instead, she’s stuck in a body that does things she doesn’t understand. And now, the contract her brother made for her life is drawing to a close. Which means he’s running out of time before the demon comes to collect his soul.

Unless Grace can find a way to save him.

When an angel named Michael shows up with answers and an offer to help her, she jumps at the chance—and agrees to help him with his own mission as the price.

Then she finds out that Michael is working with another demon. That the deal she’s made … is no better than the one from which she’s trying to save Ash. And she’s faced with a choice: turn and walk away, or try to save her brother—by working with the very monsters who have nearly destroyed them both.

My Review:

The style of the book grabbed my attention.  Well to be honest, the cover is caught my eyes first.  It’s amazing!!!  Love love love it! *cue the drooling*    I want to own this book in paperback.  *hint hint to the publisher!*   Anyways,  I continue to read on and the story began to pick up quickly.   One thing after another was happening!   The main character, Grace was very determined to get to her goal  achieved which was to save her brother Ash.   (I love the names of the characters in this storyline!)   Throughout the process Grace learns of  some thing as I am not going to list all of them.  You have to get the story!  The major one is she’s caught in a middle of a controversy between Heaven and Hell.

Wait I know what you are thinking!!  ‘Oh no!  It’s another Heaven vs Hell storyline and la la la”     It’s not.  Believe me it is not!     I kept on reading it and it had me going for the next page after another.  It is quite a story!!   I loved it and I want more of it.  There are twist and turns.   I’m looking forward to the next installment!    Go get this amazing story today and you won’t regret it.  

PS:  The cover will click with you after you read the story!

Glass House Press

Linda Foster Twitter




I Spy Youth Books today


Christmas Genie by Dan Gutman


It’s the last day of school before Christmas vacation and Alex, Chase, and the rest of Mrs. Walter’s fifth-grade class couldn’t wish more for that final bell to ring.

But the day takes a crazy turn when a mysterious meteorite crashes through their classroom window and a genie pops out. He will grant just one wish for the whole class to share. Be careful what you wish for!

Dragon Masters by Tracey West and Graham Howells


This series is part of Scholastic’s early chapter book line called Branches, which is aimed at newly independent readers. With easy-to-read text, high-interest content, fast-paced plots, and illustrations on every page, these books will boost reading confidence and stamina. Branches books help readers grow!

DRAGON MASTERS has it all! Dragons, a Dragon Stone, a king, a wizard, and magic! In the first book in this fully-illustrated series, 8-year old Drake is snatched up by King Roland’s soldier and taken to the castle. He is to be trained as a Dragon Master. At the castle, he is joined by three other young Dragon Masters-in-training: Ana, Rori, and Bo. The Dragon Masters must learn how to connect with and train their dragons–and they must also uncover their dragons’ special powers. Does Drake have what it takes to be a Dragon Master? What is his dragon’s special power?

All Paws on Deck (Haggis and Tank Unleashed) by Jessica Young

ALLPAwsTank is a clumsy, outgoing Great Dane. Haggis is a dapper and grumpy Scottie dog. In the first book in the series, Haggis and Tank set sail as pirates. At first, Haggis doesn’t see what Tank does–that an adventure awaits them with just a little imagination! But soon, Haggis joins in the fun and the two friends go on a pirate adventure. They talk like pirates, swab the deck, and even search for buried treasure. This series is full of clever wordplay and homophones that make Haggis and Tank’s adventures even more fun!

Suitcase of Stars  by Pierdomenico Baccalario


Have you heard of Cinderella’s glass slipper? What about Sinbad the Sailor’s Flying Carpet? In this world, there are many magical items—but only one place where they’re safe: the Enchanted Emporium. For centuries, seven families have competed for ownership of the Emporium—and some of them are willing to do whatever it takes to get their hands on the powerful items housed within. Only Aiby Lily and her friend Finley have what it takes to stop the Emporium from falling into the wrong hands.

So these are the books that I spied today!  Take your time to check them out!  They all look interesting to me and I wonder if my children would read them.