Update Time

I am around..just been in a slump lately and life and the world has gotten to me. I have managed to read two books. and will post a review of them this weekend. Then currently reading two other books.

More to come soon.

Review coming soon of:

Currently Reading:

Snippet from the E-Arc “The Promise of Summer”

Currently reading “The Promise of Summer” E- Arc by Bella Osbourne

“Train? London? Gorgeous man who smells of your strawberry shower gel? Spill,” said Kim, all thoughts of her Vince confession completely superseded.

“It’s not what you think,” said Ruby, hanging up her jacket and pulling out the order for that day’s wedding.

Quote from an E-Arc book I’m reading

“I think Tori’s gotten under that thick skin of yours,” Charles continued. “Not the worst thing in the world you know?”

“She’s dinner,” Hunter declared, trying to hold on to the place deep inside where feelings didn’t matter. And yet?

“Keep lying to yourself” Charles laughed softly.

Reading Update

Okay so far I’m still reading the e-Arc. So far so good. It’s an interesting situation between the two main characters!

Then I will also read this library book :

I will also being going on vacation soon. Hopefully I can read some more during that time. I should be able to keep blogging but we shall see.

Reading update

I just finished this book tonight – so a review on it will be coming!

I have two library books that I need to read which are:

Then I checked out two more library books today which are:

Then my kiddo forgot the book needed for homework this weekend so I picked the book up from the library. Gotta love libraries!! I might read it.