Update Status

I am around, just been in another slump and dealing with life.

I am not sure if I am going to do a book review of Captured by Erica Stevens. I had mixed feelings about it. I prefer being positive for all but I just don’t know. I have only read the first one and is debating on whether or not to read book two.

I’m currently reading Empire of the Vampire by Jay Kristoff and let me tell you this story is sooo good! I’m taking my time reading this because I want to absorb the story and make sure I understand what is going on it. I’m telling you it brings you into a whole new world and the main character Gabriel de Leon is really unique!!

I am going to start A Letter to Three Witches by Elizabeth Bass.

Be patient with my reviews.

I will continue to post more cool books when I see them!

Thank you for reading this!

Update Time

I am around..just been in a slump lately and life and the world has gotten to me. I have managed to read two books. and will post a review of them this weekend. Then currently reading two other books.

More to come soon.

Review coming soon of:

Currently Reading:

Update on Reading

I am around — just been a tad busy. Right now I have 3 e-Arcs to read (two romance and one paranormal) and two physical books (cowboy romance and a paranormal romance) that I bought and then I just recently snagged 3 books from the library that were going to be donated to the book sale (fantasy action books). So I’m juggling books and everything else around me.

How have you been?

Juggling books!

I have been juggling books here and there!
Here is what’s going on.

I am still reading “Second First Impressions”.

I am currently reading e- Arc “The Promise of Summer”

I bought “Dreaming of the Wolf”

I want to get “Must Love Cowboys” because Estelle from “Forever” mentioned it to be because it has a librarian in it!! My inner geek is like yessssss! So I may order this.

Then I saw this book “Pause” on my instagram! I can’t remember who posted it….the cover drew me in. I read what the story was about and it’s going in my to read pile!

Reading Update

Okay so far I’m still reading the e-Arc. So far so good. It’s an interesting situation between the two main characters!

Then I will also read this library book :

I will also being going on vacation soon. Hopefully I can read some more during that time. I should be able to keep blogging but we shall see.

Reading update

I just finished this book tonight – so a review on it will be coming!

I have two library books that I need to read which are:

Then I checked out two more library books today which are:

Then my kiddo forgot the book needed for homework this weekend so I picked the book up from the library. Gotta love libraries!! I might read it.

Currently Reading

Okay so I just read Wicked All Night by Jeaniene Frost this past weekend *swooon*! Paranormal vampires romance and action is sooooo my thing!

I’m also reading an e- ARC from Netgalley and the publisher:

See below

So far so good….It is sooooo long but it is sooooooo good! The richness of it! The magic! I’m taking my time reading this so I can savor it. Hopefully a review will arrive this week? I’m not halfway yet and sadly I don’t have a kindle. I should invest in one.

Anyone have any suggestions?

After this e-Arc, I have another one and then a book that is on my night stand too!
Hopefully I can tackle those soon. One book at a time!

Reading update

Okay reading update…..

I may be reading two or three books at once…I might be taking too much on. I’ll take my time with it!

Anyways back to the update!

Broken Wish
It is so good. I really want to see what will happen next. I’m on chapter 14 and Elva is trying to manage and understand her gift. I love curious she is and how eager she wants to learn but she also wants to be safe. I hope she continues down this path to be good. I feel like being swept away into a whole new world with Elva. Fairies are mentioned along with a circle of mushrooms which is a trap set by fairies. There is even a mention of Brothers’ Grimm fairytales during this time period. It takes place in the 1800s. So far so good! I have a hunch that this book may touch the subjects of how important friendship and promises are.

The Queen’s Assassin
The book is just sitting there. I know it is calling to me to be read. Soon!

The Orphan Witch
I am also reading this book that I got an e-Arc from Netgalley. I hope I don’t get this book confused with the other one I’m reading. The beginning of this book so far has really caught my attention too. It’s a bit darker and I’m curious how the main character is going to handle her gift. I have a hunch she’s going to learn more about it soon.

I also have two other e-Arcs that are waiting to be read! I’ll update those once I get closer of getting one of the books done.

Juggling tons of things here! Hope everyone is doing great with their reading adventures!