Review Policy

Review Policy

I am  accepting reviews right now.  

I prefer physical books, arcs over ebooks but I may consider ebooks depending on what the story is about.

I do my best to make the reviews 100%.  I try to cover all the bases of the book.  Most of the time I give out the information of the book, links and then talk about what I thought of the book.   I will talk about the plot, characters and how I felt about it.

I like to write positive reviews of the books that I have read.  If there is a book that I do not like I won’t post it.

My posts will be up on my blog, twitter, and netgalley.

What do I like to read:
I prefer the YA, Fiction, NA category at the time of reading.

Check out All About me link to get a feel for what authors I like or browse through my blog.

Within these categories its sub-genres like Fantasy, Contemporary, Paranormal, Historical and Romance.

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