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What if I can’t?

¿En qué dirección están las flores?

Por ahí, a 320 kilómetros.

¡¿Cómo voy a llegar tan lejos?!

Vas volando.

¿Puedo ire n avión?


¡Entonces no llegaré nunca!

Esta simpática continuación de La oruga muy impaciente , de Ross Burach, es un cariñoso homenaje al esfuerzo de cada niño de perseverar ante los desafíos a la vez que una alegre lección sobre la migración de las mariposas. Recuerda: si no lo logras al primer intento, ¡vuela, vuela otra vez!

Which way to the flowers?

That way. 200 miles.

How am I supposed to travel that far?!

You fly.

Can I take a plane?


Then I’ll never make it!

Arruguitas, Gorrión, Ojo de bolsillo, Repelente, Niña elefante y Chico burbuja han decidido desafiar al temible y todopoderoso Señor Amo Supremo y escapar de Mundo basura, el inmenso vertedero donde viven. Mediante su ingenio y con la ayuda de sus poderes construirán un globo aerostático y surcarán los cielos hasta los confines de su apestoso mundo. Pero… ¿dejará el Amo Supremo que la Tribu chatarra escape de su reino?

Wrinkles, Sparrow, Pocket Eye, Repellent, Elephant Girl, and Bubble Boy have decided to defy the terrible and all-powerful Mr. Supreme Master, escaping Trash World, the huge dump where they live. By means of their ingenuity and powers, they will build an air balloon to soar through the sky to the boundaries of their stinky world. But will the Supreme Master let the Junk Tribe escape from his kingdom?

Maxy is a happy puppy who lives with Clarita and her family in a house filled with music and laughter on the island of Puerto Rico. On sunny days, Clarita and Maxy go to the park or on adventures under the flamboyant tree. On rainy days, they stay inside and play games or read books.

But one day, Maxy sees everyone rushing around, putting things in boxes. Someone says, “María is coming!” That night, Hurricane María roared ashore; there was thunder, lightning and lots of rain. Maxy was terrified! Finally, the power went out and the house and everything around it was completely dark. The next day when they went outside, they saw destroyed homes, flooded roads and knocked-down trees-including their beloved flamboyant! There was no electricity for a long time, and everyone had to stand in long lines for food, gas and even water to drink.

Eventually, power is restored and Maxy thinks everything is going to be okay. Until one day, the clouds start to gather and he hears thunder and whistling winds. Trembling and whining, he races under the bed! Eventually, and with the help of loved ones, Maxy like many children who go through natural disasters learns to overcome his fear and appreciate the benefits of rain.

Hay una plaga en el huerto y los animales están preocupados. La plaga está devorando todas las hortalizas y verduras que han plantado: las judías, el maíz, los guisantes… ¿¡Es que va a comerse también todos los nabos!? Sea como sea, Pato y sus amigos tendrán que encontrar una solución. Jan Thomas nos trae un libro sencillo y divertido, con ilustraciones muy simpáticas y colores vivos, ideal para primeros lectores.

Youth Series Books – Lolo

I am going to try to post series of books because I think it is important!

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For Lolo, every day’s a new adventure. Whether it’s earning gold stars at school or returning a lost ring, she’s ready for anything. Follow along with Lolo as she learns lessons about sharing, being brave, and being a good friend. In these easy-to-read stories, we meet the curious, fun-loving, adventurous Lolo, a girl living in South Africa with her mother and grandmother, Gogo. Woven with heart and humor, and illustrated with charming black-and-white drawings, these stories are perfect for the beginning reader. In Here Comes Lolo, Lolo gets a gold star at school, longs for a cute floppy hat, finds a missing ring, and helps to rescue a dog, all with her trademark humor and quirky style.

Hooray! Hurrah! Hurray! for Lolo, the energetic, curious, and fun-loving girl at the center of Niki Daly’s series of books for beginning readers. She’s thoughtful, funny, and always ready for anything. Whether it’s helping to babysit baby Bongi or learning all about the library, she’s sure to do it with kindness and humor.

In this collection of easy-to-read stories, we meet Lolo, a girl who lives in South Africa with her mother and grandmother, Gogo.

Snail and Worm

These are great beginner books to read! 
Easy to read and a great story line.
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Snail and worm





Author: Tina Kugler

Snail and Worm are back at it and sure to have readers giggling from dawn ’til dusk (wait—do snails and worms sleep?) in Snail and Worm All Day, complete with heartfelt humor and Tina Kügler’s irresistible illustrations.

Emma Every Day

I came across these Beginner Read books at work and I just had to share them!  The reason why I wanted to share these books is because that these fiction books is related to having a character who is is deaf that has a cochlear implant and uses American Sign Language.   It is so cool to see books that have deaf fictional characters in it.

Personal note:
Not all deaf people use American Sign Language or have a cochlear implant. 


There are four books in the set.  The illustrations are so cool.


Fall is Emma’s favorite season. She loves the weather, the leaves, and most of all, the apples! Every fall, Emma’s dad takes Emma and her best friend, Izzie, to the apple orchard. And every year they pick dozens of apples so they can make apple pies, applesauce, apple tarts, and other apple treats. But this year, things don’t go as planned at the orchard. Follow Emma and Izzie on their apple adventure in this early chapter book from the Emma Every Day series. An ASL fingerspelling chart, glossary, and content-related questions complete the book.
Emma is excited about Izzie’s birthday party. But she’s also nervous. Is her dress too fancy? Will she know anyone else at the party? Did she buy the right gift? Will Emma’s worries ruin her chance to have fun? Find out how Emma handles her party problems in this early chapter book from the Emma Every Day series. An ASL fingerspelling chart, glossary, and content-related questions complete the book.
Click. Clack. Tap, tap, tap. Emma just started dance lessons and is determined to learn the routine perfectly. But dance isn’t as easy as she had hoped. Thankfully Emma doesn’t give up easily. Emma proves that hard work and practice will take those tap dance troubles away in this early chapter book from the Emma Every Day series. An ASL fingerspelling chart, glossary, and content-related questions complete the book.
It’s the first field trip of the year! Emma’s class is headed to a history museum. Field trips are supposed to be fun, but how much fun can you have looking at old things all day? Leave it to Emma to find the fun in everything, including history, in this early chapter book from the Emma Every Day series. An ASL fingerspelling chart, glossary, and content-related questions complete the book.