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Review of Accidental Attachment by Max Monroe

I received an E-Arc by Netgalley and the publisher for an honest review.

Author: Max Monroe
Publisher: NA
Date: April 27, 2023
Pages: 420

A successful writer accidentally sends her new (and super-dreamy) editor the wrong manuscript. Instead of the full-length paranormal novel she promised Longstrand Publishing, she sends the fan fiction she’s written about her crush…on him—including every detail of the hot, steamy “physical activity” she’s fantasized about happening between them.

And Chase Dawson may be the hottest man alive and a super-talented editor to boot, but he’s completely oblivious that he’s the star of the manuscript he just convinced his boss to green-light.

Brooke Baker has been through a lot in her thirty-one years of life.

A divorce.
A career change.
A move to New York City from “small-town” Ohio.
Not to mention, she has a bit of a medical condition that involves occasional fainting spells, mild embarrassment, and the companionship of her adorable service dog and canine sidekick, Benji.

But none of it has prepared her for this.

None of it prepared her for Chase Dawson.

Strong jaw, blue eyes, cut muscles, and a perfect swoop of superhero-worthy black hair, Chase’s features are those of a book boyfriend and then some. Obviously, Brooke would know—she literally filled an entire manuscript with it.

A manuscript no one was ever supposed to see.

Will she survive two months of revising and editing the sizzling romance she imagined with Chase in extremely close quarters with him? Or will the constant white lies and overwhelming attraction make her spontaneously combust?

This story was so cute. It felt like a romantic comedy adventure. I could totally see this as a rom com movie. Hope a movie would be made from this. I can see it now. Although I’m not sure who I could cast.

It’s a slow burn. I love the build up between Chase and Brooke in the romance department. I love how they both help each other out in the little things. Both of them talk and are quirky with each other. They fit and they compliment each other. I really liked that. I liked how they are there for one another in the story. They do have steamy moments for each other but does that play out?

The book is written from Brooke and Chase point of view. It was funny and interesting to read! The pace is long so if you do read it be patient with the story.

I loved this line in the book “Fate is going to give me another opportunity. And this time, I’m going to try really hard not to vomit.”

Another part in the book I liked was when Brooke helped Chase deal with his ex-girlfriend. That had me laughing. It was the best ever!

Benji is the other character in this story who is Brooke’s dog. He’s a German Shepard who makes sure Brooke is okay with her health condition. I really thought this was good to be included in a story. Benji is an amazing character too. I love how Brooke talks to her dog like he can completely understand her. Such a nice connection there.

It’s a light, swoon, and laughing out loud read. Pick it up today if you want something like this.

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Book Review: My Roommate is a Vampire by Jenna Levine

I received an e-Arc from Netgalley and the publisher for an honest review.

Author: Jenna Levine
Date: August 29, 2023
Publisher: Berkley
Pages: 352

Cassie Greenberg loves being an artist, but it’s a tough way to make a living. On the brink of eviction, she’s desperate when she finds a too-good-to-be-true apartment in a beautiful Chicago neighborhood. Cassie knows there has to be a catch—only someone with a secret to hide would rent out a room for that price.

Of course, her new roommate Frederick J. Fitzwilliam is far from normal. He sleeps all day, is out at night on business, and talks like he walked out of a regency romance novel. He also leaves Cassie heart-melting notes around the apartment, cares about her art, and asks about her day. And he doesn’t look half bad shirtless, on the rare occasions they’re both home and awake. But when Cassie finds bags of blood in the fridge that definitely weren’t there earlier, Frederick has to come clean…

Cassie’s sexy new roommate is a vampire. And he has a proposition for her.

I could not put this book down. This book made me laugh and made my toes curl up in a good way! It was so fun to read. It was quirky, fun, cute moments, and so much more. Once again vampires…are my jam, even in a rom com!

Rom Com and Vampires…it is a must!

Main characters: Cassie and Frederick are so goofy and fun and young! They just have this vibe that clicks so well. I loved the strange but tricky situations these two get in like at the party and on the train. Cassie is a young woman who is into libraries and art. She is so creative and kind. She’s a good heroine I think. Frederick of course you find out what he is. He is so kind of making sure that Cassie has what she needs. He also slowly picks up on things which is pretty epic considering how old he is.

Basically Cassie is looking for an apartment where she comes across a good to be true place to move in on Craigslist. She takes the chance on it considering the conditions were a tad strange to her. In time she finds out the reasons for the conditions and almost flees from the apartment.

She adjusts to learning more about Frederick as he learns about her and the ways of the time. I will say there were great moments and wished the book had a bit more great moments like dress shopping, going to a party and more. I loved the reactions between Cassie and Frederick.

I loved the written letters exchange between Cassie and Frederick. That was so swoon worthy. Then the emails from Reggie aka Reginald and Fredericks were hilarious! I laughed quite a few times.

Another point I must point out is that I loved the fact that Chicago is mentioned along with Schaumburg and Naperville. I know the area! I squealed with delight seeing that.

There was a nice spicy part in the book which I thought was great!! It was just the right amount of spice for a cute rom com.

Since it’s the author’s first book, it was fun, flirty and so cute. I think she did a great job.

The ending felt like it could be left open for a sequel! I hope that will happen!

Maybe a story for Reginald?? More more drama for Frederick and Cassie? Something dramatic will happen? I want to know like now.

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If I Have to be Haunted by Miranda Sun Review

I received an E-arc by the publisher and Netgalley for an honest review.

Author: Miranda Sun
Date: September 26, 2023
Publisher: Harper Teen
Pages: NA

Cara Tang doesn’t want to be haunted.

Look, the dead have issues, and Cara has enough of her own. Her overbearing mother insists she be the “perfect” Chinese American daughter—which means suppressing her ghost-speaking powers—and she keeps getting into fights with Zacharias Coleson, the local golden boy whose smirk makes her want to set things on fire.

Then she stumbles across Zach’s dead body in the woods. He’s even more infuriating as a ghost, but Cara’s the only one who can see him—and save him.

Agreeing to resurrect him puts her at odds with her mother, draws her into a dangerous liminal world of monsters and magic—and worse, leaves her stuck with Zach. Yet as she and Zach grow closer, forced to depend on each other to survive, Cara finds the most terrifying thing is that she might not hate him so much after all.

Maybe this is why her mother warned her about ghosts.

I loved this adventurous book! This took me into a new world I will say that I loved the Memory Keepers’ temple moment. What happened was pretty cool but the consequence was kind of sad.

Basically Cara is a first generation of her family who ends up helping Zach. Zach is a young teen who is from a wealthy family and has is own things he deals with. They both clash. While Zach ends up being a ghost, he learns that Cara can see him. Cara isn’t thrilled about this and yet she decides to help him.

These two have such a banter between each other that makes you wonder if they really do not like each other or they have something more going on. Other than dealing with those feelings both of them are teens who act like them. Put yourself in their shoes at that time. Those strange emotions and conflict.

Anyways, they go on this journey which is wild. The journey takes you into new places and meeting new people and creatures. The creatures were interesting and I wanted to know more about them too. It is wild! I fell in love with the adventure. I will say the fog is scary.

Another character pops up along the way. A teen named Brittany. She is aware of the unique worlds and the fact that Cara can see ghosts. Brittany and Cara seem to have a connection through the story which was nice to see. It was nice to see a friendship happening during this adventure.

The connection between Cara and Zach is up and down. While they go on this adventure, they seem to be more mellow out in a way. It almost feels like a slow romance as time goes by right? Go get the book when it comes out to find out whether or not Cara and Zach are together or not?

So many twists and turns. It’s a must read.

The ending leaves it open for a sequel. What’s going to happen next?

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Review: House of Primal Witches by Raven More

I received a free e-Arc for an honest review. Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for this e-ARC.

Author: Raven More
Pages; 253
Date :May 2023
Publisher:Flyaway Publishing

Impure touch is a great sin, almost as blasphemous as practicing witchcraft. The lust between my beloved and myself risks eternal damnation, so we must marry soon.

I’ve waited so long, traveled the Dead Zone, and lost my brother to Raiders, all to escape the condemned witches to live in the pious nation of Luminous.

Today is my day to marry my betrothed, the son of the great Pontiff, ruler of the light, to take my position as the Chosen One.

But this morning I awoke to discover one problem…I’m a witch.

The story took me off guard! There were twists that I never saw coming. Ibis is the main character who is caught in a web of who to trust and what to do. She is turned left and right and in the middle things as she tries to find who she is along the way. On top of this her love dies and yet comes back in dark way. She is torn of what to do for him, Acheron. Does she give him a chance? Does he die? Does she figure out who she is? What happens?

Since there is quite a bit going on, it can be a bit repetitive. I wished it had a bit more depth in it. I will say the story is interesting in its twists. There was some spice to this book which I was not expecting. There are some dark parts in it which was okay to me but to others it might not. I would be interested to see what happens in book 2.

I’m glad I read the story because it was a different take on vampires and witches.

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Review: Bookshop Cinderella by Laura Lee Guhrke

I received an e-arc from Netgalley and the publisher for an honest review!

Thank you!

Author: Laura Lee Guhrke
Publisher: Forever. Grand Central Publishing.
Date: June 30, 2023
Pages: 336

Evie Harlow runs a quaint little bookshop in London, which is the biggest adventure an unmarried woman with no prospects could hope for. Until Maximillian Shaw, Duke of Westbourne, saunters into her shop with a proposition: to win a bet with his friends, he’ll turn her into the diamond of the season. The duke might be devilishly attractive, but Evie has no intention of accepting his ludicrous offer. When disaster strikes her shop, however, she’s left with little choice but to let herself be whisked into his high-society world.

Always happy to help a lady in distress, Max thinks he’s saving Evie from her dull spinster’s life. He’ll help her find a husband and congratulate himself on a job well done. But as shy Evie becomes the shining star he always knew she could be, she somehow steals his heart. And when her reputation is threatened, can Max convince her to choose a glittering, aristocratic life with him over the cozy comfort of her bookshop?

This was such a fun story to read. I was excited to get an e-arc ahead of time. I literally could not put the book down since it was a Victorian time take on Cinderella with a twist! I loved it! Who doesn’t love Cinderella stories? Oh and bookshops!

The main character Evie Harlow is her own person who runs her own business which is a bookshop was fun to see in this time period. She wears what she wants and is okay with being called a ‘spinster.’ She does what she wants compared to what society wants her to be. I loved this!

So when Max comes into her life with the deal, things change for her! It was fun to see her get a taste of fun and dress shopping and eating new foods. I loved her reaction to seeing the electronic lift for the hotel. I did love the connection that Evie had with the dressmaker Vivienne being on your own and working away.

I will say there were a few giggle moments when I was reading this story. One was from Evie to Max “And how do you know so much about women’s clothes?” Plus there was another moment regarding to ‘red satin garters’ which made me chuckle at how that went down. Another moment was when Evie was talking to Max and she said “I enjoyed defying their expectations.” Go woman power!! Loved, loved that!

Another thing I liked was when Max was teaching Evie how to dance. I love this. I love dancing so this made my day or night (when I was reading it)! The movements, the moments and the music during this part of the book was so fun.

Other than Max and Evie, there was Evie’s friend who she grew up with named Rory. I think Evie had a slight crush on him but in time realized he was not worth her time. I did not like the Rory character because he seemed fishy to me. I just wanted to point that out on how I felt about Rory.

There’s one more character that pops up which is Max’s cousin, Delia who is such a joy! I loved her gumption and experience she has. I wonder if there’s a story about her?

It did feel like a friendship to a slow burn with Evie and Max which I enjoyed. Does their relationship have a happy ending? You need to pick this quick, light, fun and sweet romance book up to read to find out what happens to Max and Evie.

I really really liked it! I look forward to more from this author!

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Review: What Became of Magic by Paige Crutcher

I received an e-Arc from Netgalley and the publisher for an honest review!

Big thanks to Rikka for sending me the e-arc!

Isn’t the cover so pretty?
It gives all the feels with the previous books that Paige Crutcher has written!

Author: Paige Crutcher
Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin
Date: September 26, 2023
Pages: 320

Aline Weir, a witch who can talk to ghosts, has kept her talents hidden ever since a disastrous middle school slumber party. Ever since, Aline has chosen to be invisible and use her powers in secret to help lost souls reunite with the keys to send them home. All the while, she finds solace in a bookstore and the three mysterious women who run it… until Aline discovers The Book of Mischief, and her powers are enhanced.

Living a solitary life until the age of thirty-four, Aline’s life takes an unexpected turn when the wrong (or perhaps right) person witnesses her using her powers and she is invited to a town that doesn’t exist on any map. Arriving in Matchstick, Aline learns of a lost magic that desperately needs to be found and only her unique powers can do it. But what she’s not told is that Magic is a person. One that is dangerous and seductive and has been waiting for a witch with a power like hers for centuries. Magic must free himself and claim the power to gift it to The Supreme Witch, a being more beguiling, powerful and dangerous than he.

Oh my gosh! Another amazing world that Paige Crutcher created! I was hooked on the story from the first page. I had a concept of how this story was going to go but I was so wrong. I was glad to be wrong because the story itself was magical. It was filled with such colorful, descriptive adventures of into new places along with battling magic and saving the world. That was epic!

I was entertained by the main character Aline who was a character who loved stories and yet she could see ghosts. She learned of things to help those ghosts with a help of Dragon who guided her in a way. At first I thought Dragon could be her spiritual guide? But it was a friendship between the two of them. I loved the name. I also had a inkling that Dragon may play more to the story somehow. Was I right? You have to go get the book.

Since Aline loved stories, she ends up finding peace at a bookstore run by three ladies. The three ladies play a part. I liked the relationship between the three ladies and Aline. They’re pretty cool ladies.

(psst….Anne of Green Gable is mentioned in this story too…I did tiny scream inside of my head about this..Yes I am fan of Anne of Green Gables….)

There is so much is going on in this story that it’s a fantasy…no wait it felt like a folklore/fantasy/magic type of feel. It’s just awesome. With all the books that this author has written, this one has the same similar fun feel and weaves such a great vivid , mystical adventure. Even all the characters play a part in the story too. I had to pay attention to the characters as well to make sure they all were connected somehow. You’ll see it when you pick up the book.

Then there’s Magic…well he’s mysterious and alluring. The connection between Aline and him is a hot one but one that is protective too. I did think Magic could be the bad guy….Was I right? I did grew to like him in the story as it went on. There’s a story to him as well which ties with the overall picture. His story is unique too. I will say the ending caught me off guard with Magic. One word – “Cooking.”

So who’s the bad guy? Why is Aline involved? What will Magic do? What’s the connection between Magic and Aline? How will Dragon help her best friend? What about those three ladies? Will Dragon and Aline continue to be friends?

Well all your questions will be answered by picking this book up in September! If you are a fan of Paige Crutcher’s previous books, you do not want to miss out on this one. I am so glad that I got to read it earlier for an honest review. It’s such a fantasy magical adventure filled with friendship, coping, determination and love.

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Review of The Lost Witch by Paige Crutcher

Here is my honest review in exchange for a copy of the e-Arc by Netgalley and the publisher – St. Martin Griffin!!

Author: Paige Crutcher
Pages: 320
Publishing Date: December 27, 2022
Publisher: St. Martin Griffin’s

In Paige Cruther’s The Lost Witch, a witch discovers that finding your way home is sometimes the most perilous journey of all.

1922. Brigid Heron is a powerful witch and healer in the seemingly lost, but charming small town of Evermore on a forgotten isle in Ireland. However, there is one thing that she longs for above all else: a child of her own. She is even willing to be seduced by the mysterious Luc Knightly, head of the Knightly coven, whose pull is potent and impossible to resist. When their child is born and falls ill, Brigid will risk anything to save her daughter–even tap into the forbidden magic of the Lough of Brionglóid. But when the wild magic takes her daughter from her, Brigid is swept away as well.

2022. Evermore is under siege. The witches of Knight have been using their chaos magic to widen the rift between the island and the Otherworld. Creatures from folklore prey on the villagers, consuming their very humanity.

Brigid awakens in this world with no memory of how she traveled into the future, but she learns that she helped unleash this curse on Evermore. To seal the lough and stop the witches of Knight, she must work with her magical descendants, Ophelia and Finola. But the knowledge she seeks lies with Luc Knightly himself―mysterious, handsome, and powerful. To save Evermore, Brigid may have to lose everything once again.

My Review:

I finished reading “The Lost Witch!!! ” It was heartwarming, magical and a fun read! The magic, adventure, love, friendship, believing in oneself goes a long way in “The Lost Witch.” I really liked connecting with the characters: Brigid, Finola, Ophelia, Knightly, Dove and even the Goddess. Every character brought something magical to the story. I will say Finola has no filter, so I laughed a few times at what she spoke of. Knightly and Brigid do connect in such an interesting way. It was complicated and yet was touching. It worked for the characters and the story.

I will admit there was many things happening in the story which took me a while to get used to. When I finished the story and let everything sit in my mind for a few hours, I could see the connection. Some readers may like it and others may not. I will admit there were some twist and turns which had me thinking “no way!” The story kept my attention. I wanted to know what was going to happen so that kept me wanting to read. Plus magic!

The ending was not what I expected and yet I loved it.

Paige Cruther is definitely one of my favorite authors.

So go give the book a go when it comes out and see if it gives you sparks!

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Review: Never Rescue a Rogue – E-Arc

I received an E-Arc from the publisher for an honest review!

Diana Merriwell and Giles Sinclair only tolerate one another for the sake of their nearest and dearest. Everyone believes that the two of them are meant to be together, but Diana and Giles know that their constant pithy barbs come from a shared disdain―not a hidden attraction. Diana loves the freedom of working at the newspaper too much to give it up for marriage, and Giles is happily married to his bachelor lifestyle. But they do have one thing in common―the secrets they can’t risk escaping.

When Giles’ father, the curmudgeonly Duke of Harpenden unexpectedly turns up his toes, it’s only a matter of time before someone comes crawling out of the woodwork who knows the true circumstances of his only son’s birth. As the threat of blackmail becomes real, Giles must uncover the truth of his parentage first, or else he and all those who depend upon him will be ruined―and dogged bloodhound Diana is his best hope at sniffing out the truth. As Giles and Diana dive into his family’s past, the attraction that the two of them insisted wasn’t there proves impossible to ignore. Soon, the future of the Sinclair estate isn’t the only thing on the line…

My Review:
Oh my gosh! I got an e-Arc from the publisher one morning. That was such a nice surprise since I was having such a long week. I know I haven’t updated the blog much, lots of things going on!! But this book was such a gem to read.

I’ve read the first book “Never Fall for Your Finance” and loved it. This one meets the same level! Another lovely adventure with the Merriwell Sisters! This book had all the feels. Granted there is an attraction between Diana and Giles. You feel the emotion build up but do they get together? It kind of reminds me of Bridgerton from Season 2. Historical Rom Cons rule!

I will say Diana is such a lively, independent character who takes no grief and is always determined to find the truth. She banters with Giles, hence the attraction and power builds up between them. Giles on the other hand shows himself off as not important and reckless in a way to the public, but to his friends he is a true gentleman and holds honor dear to his heart. To me he seems wicked cool. I love the interaction between the two.

Giles learns of his father’s death and then there’s a question mark hanging over his head of who is his mother. He begins his search to find out the truth. Diana gets involved to help Giles with this mystery. While in this process, Gile’s long lost Uncle Gervais shows up wanting take over the estate! Who will get the estate and the title duke?

I can see this story into a movie. That would be awesome to see.

I did laugh a few times while reading this book! There was a few kisses involved as I squealed with delight because I wanted Giles and Diana to become a couple but do they? I will admit the cute steamy part in the book was sweet and adorable! You have to read the book to find out what I’m talking about.

There were some new words that popped up in this book that made me actually looked them up because I had no clue what they meant but the flow of the writing and story being told was well done. It held my interest a great deal.

So if you are looking for adventure, humor, a friendship turned to lovers attraction rom con, then you gotta pick this book up! Plus it’s historical too! I’m so happy to have read this book! Thank you to Kejana Ayala for this surprise.

A line from the book that I enjoyed:
“Loved her with all of his stupid, misguided noble heart.”

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E-Arc Review of A Letter to Three Witches

I received a free e-arc copy from Netgalley and the publisher: Kensington for an honest review!

  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Kensington
  • Date: January 25, 2022
  • Paperback ‏ : ‎ 304 pages
  • Author: Elizabeth Bass
  • Twitter


In the sleepy college town of Zenobia, New York, the only supernatural trace on display is the name of Gwen Engel’s business—Abracadabra Odd Job Service. But Gwen’s family has some unusual abilities they’ve been keeping under wraps—until one little letter spells big trouble…
Nearly a century ago, Gwen Engel’s great-great-grandfather cast a spell with catastrophic side-effects. As a result, the Grand Council of Witches forbade his descendants from practicing witchcraft. The Council even planted anonymous snitches called Watchers in the community to report any errant spellcasting…
Yet magic may still be alive and not so well in Zenobia. Gwen and her cousins, Trudy and Milo, receive a letter from Gwen’s adopted sister, Tannith, informing them that she’s bewitched one of their partners and will run away with him at the end of the week. While Gwen frets about whether to trust her scientist boyfriend, currently out of town on a beetle-studying trip, she’s worried that local grad student Jeremy is secretly a Watcher doing his own research.
Cousin Trudy is so stressed that she accidentally enchants her cupcakes, creating havoc among her bakery customers—and in her marriage. Perhaps it’s time the family took back control and figured out how to harness their powers. How else can Gwen decide whether her growing feelings for Jeremy are real—or the result of too many of Trudy’s cupcakes?

My Review:

This book was cute, funny, had cupcake magic and transformation of animals! Since there was so much going on the story, the story did lose a few sparks for me. I did read the whole thing because I wanted to see what was going to happen to : Tannith, Gwen, Trudy and even Gwen’s aunt who can be snarky at times. Gwen the main character was great because she took control of how to solve the problem that was happening. I can only imagine how her stress level was.

It was different to me. I don’t know if it was because so much was going on or because my mood has been on and off lately. I am glad that I read it because it did have parts making me smile and some parts giggling a bit. The romance aspect of the book did not seem that intense but it was there. I will say that the last few line in the story had my heart feeling warm. Here is the line “Moonlight broke through the clouds and Jeremey pulled away slowly, looking into my eyes. “It wasn’t the cupcakes,” he said. “

If you are looking for witches in a comedy chaos, then this book is for you!

The cover is so cute!!