I saw these biographies and decided to share them with you.  Everyone has a story and even these two people have lead an interesting life.


Steve McQueen  The Salvation of an American Icon

Join Greg Laurie as he takes a cross-country drive in his 1968 Highland Green Ford Mustang 390 GT through the canyons of Malibu, the alleys of Hollywood, the wide and open roads of the Midwest, the streets of New York, as he traces the wooly geography of actor Steve McQueen’s life, relationships, career and spiritual journey. This iconic muscle car was the vehicle McQueen drove in his most raucous and enduring film, Bullitt.

In the 1960s, McQueen was, according to box office receipts, the biggest movie star of his generation and one of the coolest men to ever walk the planet. Greg Laurie was a teen at the time and an ardent fan of ”The King of Cool,” first mesmerized by McQueen in 1963’s The Great Escape. Like millions of cinema fans, Greg developed a lifelong fascination with the actor. Now he has a chance to tell McQueen’s story.

McQueen was a complex, contradictory man who lived the same way he drove his motorcycles and cars: fearlessly, ruthlessly and at top speed. After a lifetime of fast cars, women and drugs, McQueen took a surprising detour.

In this book, Laurie thoughtfully interviews members of Steve McQueen’s family, friends, co-stars, associates, widow and pastor to tell of the dramatic life-change for the actor in the spring of 1979 – six months before McQueen was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

What were the critical steps that led McQueen to make such a life-altering decision? Perhaps more importantly, why is that part of his story so rarely told? This book answers these questions.

Greg Laurie will follow the seeds of Christianity that were sown throughout McQueen’s improbable life where a Light finally shone into the darkness of his troubled life. These seeds miraculously germinated, allowing McQueen to see that redemption through Jesus Christ is a lasting truth more glittering and real than any magic of the entertainment industry.


Defiance  The extraordinary life of Lady Anne Barnard

The first major biography of eighteenth-century writer and socialite Lady Anne Barnard.

Born in Scotland in 1772, Lady Anne Barnard lived at the heart of Georgian society. She wrote one of the most popular ballads of her day, captivated Sir Walter Scott with her poetry, rubbed shoulders with the Prince of Wales, and dazzled Samuel Johnson with her repartee. Lady Anne’s charisma and talent were undeniable; she was well known as both a beauty and a wit. However, she was also seen as an eccentric―an artist defined by her defiance of convention.

Lady Anne had romantic affairs with several prominent men, but she married none of them. She preferred to live independently―even traveling alone to Paris during the upheaval of the French Revolution. When she did marry, it was to an impoverished army officer many years her junior. The pairing scandalized polite society. Hounded by gossip, the couple escaped to the Cape Colony―England’s first African possession―where Lady Anne painted the vibrant landscapes and penned her memoirs. An indefatigable diarist, she proved herself one of the extraordinary chroniclers of the era.



Since I did a write up of my top four shoes that I liked, I figured to throw some necklaces out.   I have always been fascinated with jewelry since I was a girl and thought it was amazing to own necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings.    My first necklace was a heart necklace with a rainbow on it and a tiny sparkle up in the corner.  I still have the heart but the chain I believe is long gone.  Perhaps I’ll have to dig out the heart to show you!

Here are some necklaces to gaze at!

This one I believe I purchased from Kohl’s (Apt 9).   The color yelled at me, “Buy me!!”  ( I tend to lean to the color blue.)  The necklace’s colors reminded me of the 80s a bit.  Perhaps it gives off of a jewel tone vibe as well?   The chain is sturdy and the design is lovely.  I figured it could go with a variety of things to wear and looks great with a jean jacket!

FullSizeRender copy 2


This one is from Kohl’s again (Apt 9)!    I bought this one much later in the month after the first one I got.  I love the simplicity of this necklace and how the green pops out at you.  It almost looks like you are wearing real gems.

FullSizeRender copy 3


Now this one I purchased years ago!  I have no clue where.  The cross jumped out at me.  I have a thing for necklaces with crosses. I believe I have four more necklaces that contain crosses.  The cross itself is a bit sparkly as the chain is made up of clear seed beads.   It gives off of a contemporary and country feel in a way.  That’s how I would describe it.   I love to wear this one time to time.

FullSizeRender copy 4


This necklace gives off of a steampunk style feel.  I actually made this necklace and wanted to keep it.  Maybe it reminds me of the grunge/gothic 90s style days or just one of those necklaces that is out of this world!   It’s almost a choker style necklace and it fits nicely on me.  Just something different out there.

FullSizeRender copy 5


Butterflies!  Who does not love them?   I found this necklace I believe maybe back in College.  It has three butterflies with dark navy blue crystals in the butterflies.  The chain is a dark color and it lays rather nicely on collarbone. The simplicity of this necklace is fun. It goes great with a low scoop shirt.

FullSizeRender copy


This little gem is actually my grandmother’s necklace!  I do not know much about it but I just fell in love with it.  It may be missing one or two sparkles but I love wearing it on special occasions.  It gives off that retro feel and makes me feel awesome.  I love the older style necklaces.    The colors are mostly gold, purple, yellows, orange and somewhat of a brown in it too.



Hope you like the necklaces I have and that you’ll see some more down the road that I either purchase or create!   What is one of your necklaces that is your favorite?

Quick Mini Updates on stuff:

Current song stuck in my head:  “All I ask of you (Phantom of the Opera)” by Josh Groban and Kelly Clarkson.   “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel – This is due to watching Say Anything on tv right now!

Currently Reading:   Forged In Ice by Alyssa Rose Ivy

Currently Snacking:  On dark chocolate  (It’s my weakness!)


Never been a fashion guru on shoes but I have to share these a few pair of shoes that I absolutely adore!

I own these Euro Soft black strappy shoes for a long time! They are so cute and can be quite comfortable to wear for a long time.   I do not remember how much I paid for them but these are awesome.  I wore them just recently to my cousin’s wedding and my one Aunt loved these heels.  She wanted them.   Aren’t they so cute?   I may have to track down the brand some more to find some cute shoes.



Now these golden heels I own.  I absolutely fell in love with these the moment I saw them. Sparkles!!  What woman cannot resist sparkles?    I believe I found these heels at Dillard’s back in the day.   I had to try them on and I walked around in them thinking “Oh my gosh I am walking in these most stunning, comfortable heels ever!”   I knew I had to have them.  I rarely spend money on shoes like these.   The price I believe was 99.00 and I have never ever bought a pair of shoes for that price.   The brand name is Gianni Bini.   These heels do make me taller and every time I wear them people talk about them.


Then there’s Anne Klein shoes!  I found these adorable Navy blue Sandal shoes.  They’re pretty casual but I love love wearing these with jeans or a dress.  Great for the summertime!  I also have a pair in silver too!   (Sorry for the wear and tear there!)



Then there’s these Clark shoes that I have.  These are so comfortable to wear.  I love the brown straps in the front and how you can just slip these on and go!


These are some of the shoes that I have.  I rarely talk about shoes but these four are pretty good in my opinion.  What are your top four shoes you love?     Perhaps I’ll do another shoe report down the road.

Til then!