Thoughts tonight…

Current Song:   “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson


It is so hot outside here today.  Rain and hot and humid..ugh!   Although a rainbow did appear today so I made a wish on it!   Kinda  silly to do but I did it anyway!    Positivity is needed!

Today I want to tackle a few things here and there.

First up:  Reading my books….

At first I’m like thinking how the heck am I going to read all these books I have stacked up here in my house?   Second am I going to like all these books that will make me want to keep them or should I donate them or trade them?  All these questions come into my mind here.

I’m slowly getting to the books I have one by one but my reading time is limited due to working and cleaning the house and having amazing adventures with my children.   Being a single mom is not an easy task but it so worth it!  I love my children.   Anyways…by the time I get to reading I’m tired and all I want to do is watch tv but I have encouraged myself to read at least ten minutes.  Sometimes ten minutes ends up being longer.

Currently still reading:  “Forged in Ice:  Chronicles Series : Book 2”  by Alyssa Rose Ivy.  Well I have not read the first book of this series and yet I could get an idea what was going on so far.  I love how the story follows nicely from James and Ainsley’s point of view.  Supernatural elements pop up along with some witty banter between some of the characters is pretty fun.  I want to know what is going to happen next.   Plus the cover of the book is stunning!    I basically won this book on Alyssa’s Facebook page and I’m glad I did.  I never ever win anything so thank you Alyssa!

Check out Alyssa Rose  Ivy website at :

After I finish this book, I may try to get her next one or will tackle one from my to read pile that is sitting on my floor in my house!


2nd thing is:  Children books!

I spied some new children’s books at work today.

Owl diaries

These books caught my eye as they are so crisp and colorful!   The stories are cute and interesting.  I believe these would be awesome for girls to read.  I am not sure about boys but I wish they had a boy version of this too!!owldiaries/c1aqz


Then there is Mr. Pants books by Scott McCormick.

The illustrations are awesome.  Graphic novel for kids.



The OodleThunks books by Adele Griffin.

I checked out the author’s website as she seems to tackle many different areas of books.  Chapter books, middle reader and YA.

First book:  Oona has found a very special egg. Oh, how she loves her baby! She’ll do anything to protect this egg until it hatches. Then she can find out what’s inside, even though it might just gobble her up! But Oona’s precious bundle of eggy joy may never see the light of day. It seems everyone wants Oona’s egg. Her little brother, Thunk, that smelly kid, Bruce Brute, and a bunch of others in her West Wog world all want a piece of Oona’s treasure. Oona the protector, Oona the curious, Oona the mighty will do whatever it takes to safeguard her darling. No one will get their grimy, Cro-Magnony hands on her egg. Because, more than anything, Oona wants something of her very own to care for.



Stick Dog books!  I took my kids to see Tom Watson at their school as they loved this event.  Mr. Watson was great with the children and kept them interested in the books.  Great story!!




Beetle Boy by MG Leonard

Darkus Cuttle’s dad mysteriously goes missing from his job as Director of Science at the Natural History Museum. Vanished without a trace! From a locked room! So Darkus moves in with his eccentric Uncle Max and next door to Humphrey and Pickering, two lunatic cousins with an enormous beetle infestation. Darkus soon discovers that the beetles are anything but ordinary. They’re an amazing, intelligent, super species and they’re in danger of being exterminated. It’s up to Darkus and his friends to save the beetles. But they’re up against an even more terrifying villain — mad scientist of fashion, haute couture villainess Lucretia Cutter. Lucretia has an alarming interest in insects and dastardly plans for the bugs. She won’t let anyone or anything stop her, including Darkus’s dad, who she has locked up in her dungeons! The beetles and kids join forces to rescue Mr. Cuttle and thwart Lucretia.


Third thing:  Back to work…

Going back to work isn’t easy to do.  First off finding a job isn’t easy after being a stay home mom for 8 years.  Plus on top of it I am also deaf so finding jobs with a disability is tough.  I think people are afraid that I cannot do the task and yet I can!  I just cannot hear.  I’m glad I have the part time job right now which was my goal to find a job to get some work going but I realize I need a full time job.   It’s hard to juggle the task of dream job vs reality job.   Everyone wants to go for their dream job if they could, right?

For me I’m supporting my two amazing children and I need to survive for them.  So reality wins but I will keep those dreams in my pocket.  I will never stop dreaming of getting a book published or trying to achieve those items on my bucket list.  Let’s hope something good comes my way!   (I know I want to do keep with the library field or books! )

And so it goes…Life goes on.  Owning a home on my own is even tricky!  Dealing with some minor problems to larger issues isn’t fun at all.   Life keeps throwing me curveballs.   Plumber, brick walls, basement, window issues..and the list could go?  I do not know.   I just want everything to be normal!!!    No more stuff. No more drama in life.  Simple simple!   Okay that rant it out!

PS: Gila Window Film does work well!  I used this in the small windows of my house to block out the heat & light!

4th thing: Movies!

Danish Girl –  Was way different!

Star Trek movies on tv :  Loved them!!!  Karl Urban is a favorite actor of mine for a long time. The man can play such amazing characters!    Other than the Star Trek films ( I need to see the 3rd one!)  he was also in Riddick, LOTR,  Priest, RED and Xena the Warrior Princess.   I loved how he played the evil vampire in Priest!  Yes I did watch Xena Warrior Princess  back in the day.    Who didn’t watch that show?

Chris Pine is cute too but might be a tad too young for me?   I didn’t know he was the voice of Jack Frost in The Guardians did you?

Knock Knock – Keanu Reeves was in this film as I couldn’t really watch it. Too freaky for me.   So that got turned off and I put on John Wick instead.  Constantine did pop up on tv as well as I saw the last 15 mins of it.

Miss You Already – Starting Drew Barrymore.  That film made me cry.  Oh how the tears down.   It made me think of life and death.  It is part of the cycle but it makes us ache and makes us grow.

Belle – Historical movie…was pretty good but long!

Pixels – Had Adam Sandler in it.  I don’t mind some of his movies and this was interesting regarding to the 80s old school games.  I also wanted to see if this to see if it would be suitable for my children to watch.  I get the funny humor and all but it may be a bit too much for my children.

And I close for now as I am extremely tired!

Anyone Can Quantum

I came across “Anyone Can Quantum” while browsing through social media and immediately went to the youtube link

Well now this caught my attention.  This short video directed by Alex Winters, who has done some interesting things. Other than he directs but he has acted as well.  Take a peek at his website.

Did you peek at his website?  I’m pretty sure you recognize him after taking a look at his website.  Pretty creative guy!   If you are wondering, yes I have seen him in The Lost Boys  (vampires!!!)  and in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure/Bogus!  (Who didn’t want to be the princesses?)  I also did see him in the  Ben 10  movie as well.  You are probably wondering why I would watch that type of movie, I’m a mom to two boys so watching Ben 10 movies is part of the job!  Follow Alex on twitter at: alxwinter

Anyways, back to the video.  I loved how the whole team puts their time and effort into this.  I mean everyone who has conducted their part to this this video – actors, director, producers, sound people, camera man and the list goes on, it’s epic!  I love how the video educates you. The dialogue between  Dr. Stephen Hawkings and Paul Rudd is hilarious. The tweets that popped up did make me chuckle a few times.   Keanu Reeves’ voice was pretty easy to understand considering the fact I’m deaf and I had to concentrate to know what was going on. I did play it twice.  (Hey where’s the Closed Captions for the entire video, Guys?)  By the way, I also love how Alex Winters made an appearance as well!

One thing I have to point out – books! I love how Paul Rudd pulls out all these books to make himself knowledgeable!  Books do play a part in our lives and should continue to do.   Technology and books – my inner geek was screaming.   There was one particular book that popped up that made me smile.  I wonder if the entire cast read that book.  Go see the video to see what book I’m talking about!

As I watched the film, I realized that RealQChess is having a kickstarter related to Quantum Chess.  Check more out on their twitter.  I believe they’re the whole purpose for this video.

A quick confession:  Keanu Reeves – yes the man a hottie. I love how he helps his friend Alex Winters.  I love how he picks very interesting movies to act in. (Dangerous Liaisons, Bill/Ted, The Matrix, John Wick, Constantine, The Lake House, Henry’s Crime, Johnny Mnemonic, 47 Ronin.. just to name a few!)  He even started up a motorcycle company called Arch.  Very impressive!

One more confession:  Yes: Alex Winters and Keanu Reeves rock!  Keep up the amazing work.

So there you have it! Hope you enjoyed this video that they all created as much as I did.  I don’t know if I could actually play Quantum Chess.  Maybe if I had the right tutor?



Deaf Art Fest

Yes Deaf Art Festival was this weekend! I was one of the artist.

Wait, what? You’re Deaf?

Yes I am Deaf. It’s part of who I am.

Do I need to talk louder to you?

No not really.

There’s tons of myths about being Deaf and what not but I’m not going to into detail of it all. I’ll do another post about that one day but this one is going to focus on my adventure of the Deaf Art Fest!

Saturday Morning
I ended up getting ready and packing up to head out. I thought about going to visit my father’s grave since it was his anniversary of his death but sadly I ran out of time and just gave him a wave from up above. I’m pretty sure he understood!

The Deaf Art Fest was located in the city of Chicago. Of course I’m not a fan driving into Chicago but it wasn’t downtown Chicago area. Thank goodness. I headed towards the expressway and it was stop and go for a bit and construction. Normal right? Until I got off my exit to turn and it was stop and go the entire time going to the destination. By the time I got to the place, I barely made it on time. I found out there was a Cubs baseball game at Wrigley Field which wasn’t far from Ravenswood.

After getting set up, I made a few sales here and there but was kind of quiet due to baseball game and other events going on. I was glad to be there. I got to mingle with old and new friends. I had a wonderful time. The event was 11 am to 6 pm. I did meet a guy who mentioned of libraries and a fantasy author, Ursula K Le Guin, whom I am going to check out. I met a grandmother and her granddaughter who were checking out Deaf artist. The grandmother was learning ASL for her granddaughter which was thought that was amazing thing to do. Family is important! I also learned that the grandmother herself was an artist for her culture – Puerto Rico. I loved learning about this. They had such an amazing relationship. You never know who you meet in life and leaves an impression on you.

Day 1 of Deaf Art Fest at Ravenswood - Chicago, IL
Day 1 of Deaf Art Fest at Ravenswood – Chicago, IL

My good friend was there and we got to catch up and chat. We headed out to dinner at a Spanish Tapas restaurant after our stuff was locked up. Neither one of us had been to this restaurant so it was an adventure! We walked towards the place and chatted on and off. The one thing about when I’m in Chicago is that I walk quite a bit. I love it. The food was an adventure. We both liked it and thought it was cozy place to be. The restaurant was called Bulerias Tapas Bar. We were there for a while because we talked about our family, our lives, our goals, food, movies and so on. After we had dinner, it was time for us to walk back to our cars. Of course we went to my car first and then I made sure my friend was safe too. Of course where I parked was not the best place because there was an awful, rotting smell near by which almost made me puke. (Just thinking about it is making me sick. It didn’t help that there was a dead bunny near by…that may have been it!)

It was time to go home and rest up. Going home was a breeze, but I’m not a fan of driving at night. I knew where I was going though. Right before I entered my house, I glanced up at the sky and a sky full of stars, I loved seeing that. It made me thankful for a great day and night. Shoes off, lock up, a drink, quick hot shower and I was ready to curled up to read a book. Well I read about two pages and then crashed! Yup I was tired.

PS: My friend knew that I liked to collect old cameras (just started this hobby but I’m on a budget) and managed to find one for me. It was such a nice thought of my friend. Thank you!!

Sunday Morning

I hit the snooze button two times then I finally got up. I had a dream about the Property Brothers again. This time around we were trying to redo a house and I met their family and something about Halloween. The dream before that was I was with them helping them with a house but we were in a land of magic and myth. Water and rocks flying — what?? Picture this: If you stepped on a rock, it would go down and water would flood or grass would grow really tall. I did watch “Enchanted” Friday night, wonder if that had something to do with it? Anyways, I didn’t have to pack much because everything was at the destination. I got dressed. I figured it was going to be chilly (then again the weather is always changing, mother nature has a mind of its own!) I wore a green sweater like jacket with my black/silver tank top style with jeans and my snazzy blue sandal/wedge heels. I also made a hot cup of coffee to battle this cold I”m fighting. Into the car was next as the sun was shining, off I went. I did stop at Starbucks. Yes I gave into more coffee (Caramel Latte) and got my friend one Pumpkin Latte) too!

The traffic this time around was so much better and I found a better parking spot! Yay! The set up was open concept so we could move our tables anywhere we liked. I made a few more sales but it wasn’t too bad. Of course I gave my friend the coffee as I got a thanks and yay! It was a blast. I met an older man who has lived from the 1940s on seeing every different kind of aspect of Deaf culture and I was amazed.

Then Justin LeBlanc was going to make an appearance today! I was glad to hear of this. I met Justin before Project Runway and he is such a nice man. What you see on tv about him is exactly like he is in real life. He’s an amazing person!! I’m happy for where the is at in his life and wish him all the best. Follow him on twitter at @JLeBlancDesign. I got a snap shot of him and I together. Thank you Justin!!

Justin LeBlanc and I
Project Runway – Justin

Such a blast at this event to get to mingle with all kinds of people and chat about art. I dabble in making jewelry, painting photography and drawing. I love it! I love seeing other art and how people capture those moments.

I had to head home early due to fact of being a mother. That is my first priority. Of course on my way home I get stuck in some traffic due to some events going on such as the Bears game which they lost! Noooooo!!! Yes I’m a Bears fan. So while driving home I saw some motorcycles and thought to myself “Hey I wonder how Keanu Reeves motorcycle company Arch is doing and how his visit to the S&S Cycle went.” Yes I am going to admit I am fan of Keanu Reeves! The man is quite unique and amazing. Have you seen his movies? They rock!! I’m getting off the subject. I thought about all the amazing people I met. It was fun and interesting. You learn about different cultures and how everyone can have differences and similarities at the same time. Fascinating. I hope all the artists that I met will continue to keep making art no matter what. If you love it, keep at it.

Eventually traffic lets up and I get home and snag dinner which was okay. Then back out the door to get my amazing children.

Here are some photographs of what kind of art I do! (Sorry if the photographs look a bit bad and my feet were shown in the last photograph of the drawing!)

Earrings..Fly Free
Angel Wings


Drawing of two Birds in Love in a Lanscape..done by ink.  It was SOLD today.
Drawing of two Birds in Love in a Lanscape..done by ink. It was SOLD today.