Cover Reveal: The Sorcerer’s Calling

Author: Lexi Ostrow

Cover Artist: Original Book Cover Designs

Release Date: November 14, 2022

Genre: Fantasy RH

Series: Yes it is

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The realm and knights of Camelot need a savior, and Gwendolyn wants a new life.

Gwendolyn Penn spent her life wishing for a different life in a different reality. She longed to live alongside the Knights of Camelot, to slay dragons, wear gowns, and fall in love with a handsome, courageous man. When a portal opens and a man steps through claiming to be Merlin with a prophecy stating Gwen is his kingdom’s savior, she doesn’t hesitate to run with him.

To Camelot.

Morgana wants Arthur’s throne, and a vision placed Gwen at the heart of the battle. She doesn’t understand how a boring, human woman could slay a sorceress. Until Merlin’s blood mingles with hers and she can command the magic of the fae. Until she realizes her attraction to the three men unlocks a side of her she didn’t know existed.

A side that might defeat Morgana.

Surrounded by Merlin, Arthur, and Lancelot, Gwen learns there’s more to Camelot than the tales tell. There’s more to her than the quiet librarian, as well. Her heart wants what her heart wants, and Gwen is going to listen to it no matter where it leads her.

Gwen needs her magic to be enough. Gwen needs her attraction to not one, but three, men to not distract her as she learns to wield her magic. Gwen needs to save Camelot.

Finished Reading


The Guinevere Deception
Kiersten White  
Series: Camelot Rising Trilogy :Book 1
Hardcover: 352 pages
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Date: November 5, 2019

What the book is about:
Princess Guinevere has come to Camelot to wed a stranger: the charismatic King Arthur. With magic clawing at the kingdom’s borders, the great wizard Merlin conjured a solution–send in Guinevere to be Arthur’s wife . . . and his protector from those who want to see the young king’s idyllic city fail. The catch? Guinevere’s real name–and her true identity–is a secret. She is a changeling, a girl who has given up everything to protect Camelot.

To keep Arthur safe, Guinevere must navigate a court in which the old–including Arthur’s own family–demand things continue as they have been, and the new–those drawn by the dream of Camelot–fight for a better way to live. And always, in the green hearts of forests and the black depths of lakes, magic lies in wait to reclaim the land.

Deadly jousts, duplicitous knights, and forbidden romances are nothing compared to the greatest threat of all: the girl with the long black hair, riding on horseback through the dark woods toward Arthur. Because when your whole existence is a lie, how can you trust even yourself?

My Thoughts:
I just finished reading this book!  The reason I picked it up is because I have read previous books by Kiersten White and the story intrigued me.   While reading this story, it  made me think of all the other previous stories regarding to Merlin, Arthur, Lancelot and Guinevere.   Some movies and television shows pop in my head while reading this book such as “First Knight”, “Sword and the Stone”, “Mists of Avalon”, “Merlin,”  and then there’s the “Sorcerer’s Apprentice (2010).”    It’s a bit slower pace in the story, so be patient!  I liked it quite a bit and it kept me what would happen next.   I could also see how Camelot was describe along with the waters and forest.

Here are some of my thoughts on the characters:

Guinevere is a quiet young woman who had not been exposed much to the world.  So she was learning new things and also trying her best to be as she can be to Camelot.  She does confide in Arthur on and off which was nice to see.  I am not sure how the connection goes between the two yet.  She also confides in Brangian, her maid.  Her maid is a bit quirky in her own way.

Arthur reminds me of the good guy who has the heart to make hard decisions. He is that one guy who does does the best he can for his people regardless to his own happiness. He puts others first.  That’s a big thing to do.

Lancelot is quite the sword fighter and has a secret.  You will have to read to find out. I  do not want to tell you because it’s such a good surprise!

Mordred reminds me of the bad boy who is on the line of good and evil.  He could go either way.  He flirts with Guinevere quite a bit.  I think he has a bigger role to play in this series.  I look forward to see what happens.

Merlin.  I am not sure what to make of him. I get the sense he is fighting a huge battle and will not let anyone know about it because he’s afraid to lose them.  I could be wrong.  I am hoping he turns out to be on the good side of things.

Lady of the Lake is mentioned but not sure where she stands yet.  She has a connection to Merlin.

There are twists and turn in this story which made me crave it more.  I want to know what is going to happen in the next book because you know there is magic involved.  When there is magic there is always good vs. evil.  Will Guinevere protect Arthur and Camelot at all costs or will Arthur take the role instead?

Go pick up this book and give it a shot to see if you like it.