Testing Cookbook Out

I have never been the most excellent cook but I try. I came across this book and decided to give it a shot.  With two growing boys, I needed to find something quick and easy to make along with filling everyone up.

I have tried the 5 bean soup but narrowed it down to three along with throwing in some pasta, carrots, and celery.  It turned out pretty good!   My boys thought it was about a 7/10 rating.

Another one I have tried was Chili Mac recipe which I liked a lot!  I did omit the the chilies from it because I’m not a fan of it and I used ground turkey with it.  My oldest liked it quite a bit as my youngest wasn’t too fond of tomatoes (I think I need to hide them more because he saw them).   This was a very filling dinner.

More to come soon….but if you want to check the book out.  Here it is: