It’s an….Update

Monday has arrived…..
Frost came upon the land…the sun inched its way out for the morning.
I began my day with preparing food and rushing off to do mom duties and then off to work.
This past weekend was long and my reading habits was inching along slowly. I am hoping I can tackle some more reading soon. Here is the mini update!

I am still reading “The Love Square.” So far so good! It’s taking me a while to read it because of life is getting in the way.

I did start on “Hunted By the Sky” but I can’t seem to have my attention focused on this story for some odd reason. Anyone else have this problem?

I did purchase “Crush over the weekend!’

Update Reading

Fall is coming….
The leaves are starting to change colors here.
Anyone else seeing that?

My reading has been up and down lately due to life! I have been getting some E-Arc’s on Netgalley and trying to keep up with that along with the library books that I have checked out. Plus my brain is thinking of one gazillion things….anyone else have this problem?

Perhaps I need to set up a schedule…hrmms…but sometimes doing that life throws you curveballs. I guess I’ll do the best I can. So here is the update of my world of reading.

Finished this E-Arc book….
I posted a review on it earlier. Go look.

Currently Reading….E-Arc Book
So far so good..
I am enjoying this but I need time to sit down to read.

Library books on my table eyeing me to read me at the same time!