I have jumped on the bandwagon since it first came out.  There is just something about the movie that is awesome.  The cheesiness of it or just kicking butt is awesome.  Okay I may end up using the word awesome many times in this post.

Love how the pop references come in Sharknado 4!   That was so epic!   I’m not going to give them all away but the producer David Michael Latt mentions a few on his Twitter.  He  is awesome.   I suggest you follow him.  He seems like a well rounded guy in his own way from what I can tell with his tweets.  *grins*

Anyways back to Sharknado…..First film came out in 2013 which is tv movie.  Basically sharks coming out of the water from a hurricane and going after people in LA.  Ian Ziering  and Tara Reied star in this film as well as the next three installments.   Ian Ziering plays Fin who becomes the icon of taking down all the sharks!

Sharknado 2 (2014) : When Fin & April are on their way to New York, a Category 7 Hurricane spawns heavy rain, winds, storm surges, & deadly Sharknadoes. And it’s up to Fin & April to save the Big Apple from total devastation.

Mark McGrath makes an appearance in this film along with Vivica A. Fox.  Even Judd Hirsch as a cab driver!

Sharknado 3 (2015): A monstrous tornado unleashes ravenous sharks from Washington, D.C., all the way down to Orlando, Florida.

David Hasselhoff, Frankie Muniz, Mark McGrath again!

Sharknado 4 (2016): Five years after the East Coast was ravaged in ‘Sharknado 3,’ Fin and his family have been blissfully sharknado-free, but now sharks – and ‘nados. – are being whipped up in places (and ways) that are completely unexpected.

David Hasselhoff,  Christine,  Stacey Dash, and a few others!

One thing I liked was how the “Today” show cast joined in on all the movies.  The lines were awesome .  Yes some were cheesy and some were just was out of there.  One has to laugh at some of the aspects of the movie.  I know I did!  I even had moments of  thinking “Really? They did this? It doesn’t make sense but hey why not? It’s awesome!”

During “Sharknado 4” a friend and I were texting back and forth.  We were like talking about the film and laughing.  It was a good time!   We both thought the sharks are going to go nuclear and then they did!    We both saw the little pop references to certain things and loved it.

My friend and I both agreed the line “You’re not my mother. My mother’s a shark, not a robot” was a bit out of this world!   *chuckles*   Now that I had time to process it,  the book  “Are you my mother?” by P.D. Eastman just popped into my head.   Strange isn’t it?

I do have to point out Monster Storm Radar was awesome!  Oh look – I used that word again.

My brain has now began to wander to the direction of will there be a Sharknado #5?  When and where will it take place?  Hawaii? Lava sharks?  Sharks in Space?   What of Fin, April and the kids?  What about the Colonel?    And the remaining question lingers…Nova?

Oh by the way did you know there’s a Sharknado Pop figure out there!!

Hey I wonder if the producer saw my tweet!

I wonder how long it took them to make each film?  Did they use green screens along with shark props in these films?   How much physical work was done in the film with the actors?   I wonder if it would be hard to act out with a green screen?  Yeah all these questions pop my head after I have seen movies.  Who came up with these lines in the movie?  Was it one guy or a bunch of guys?

Have you jumped on the bandwagon of Sharknado?  If you did watch them, what did you think?

These movies rock!




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